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Schneider-Kreuznach optical filters are high performance technical filters that have been adapted to the requirement of industrial users in research, engineering and production.  These filters feature improved optical quality, are provided with detailed technical parameters, and have passed a strict quality assurance process.

Schneider-Kreuznach has the capability for coating and mechanic design and production, giving the advantage of providing customized filters. A µ micro water jet enables to cut each thinkable shape.

Schneider-Kreuznach industrial filters are characterized by the following key features:

  • Reproducibility and reliability
  • Top flatness and wavefront distortion guarantees no influence on image
  • Broad range of filter types and coatings
  • Broad range of diameters
  • Robust mechanics: metal mounts

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Average transmittance 95 %  I  Steep slopes  I  Wavelength tolerance +/-  1 %  I  Deep blocking / High optical density

ColorFilterStatusWavelength range,
50%-50% [nm]
center Wavelength [nm]Bandwidth [nm]Datasheet
 width=BP 465-70 HTstandard430-50046570 Datasheet
 width=BP 490-180 HTon request400-580490180 Datasheet
 width=BP 515-270 HTon request380-650515270 Datasheet
 width=BP 520-280 HTon request380-660520280 Datasheet
 width=BP 540-80 HTstandard495-58054080 Datasheet
 width=BP 540-300 HTstandard390-690540300 Datasheet
 width=VIS-85 HTon request420-640 / 830-870530 / 850220 / 40 Datasheet
 width=BP 575-170 HTstandard495-660575170 Datasheet
 width=BP 590-50 HTstandard565-61559050 Datasheet
 width=BP 590-200 HTon request495-690590200 Datasheet
 width=BP 635-50 HTstandard610-66063550 Datasheet
 width=BP 640-100 HTon request590-690640100 Datasheet
 width=BP 660-60 HTstandard630-69066060 Datasheet
 width=BP 680-100 HTon request630-730680100 Datasheet
 width=BP 850-80 HTstandard810-89085080 Datasheet
 width=BP 865-100 HTstandard815-915865100 Datasheet


Average Transmittance 90 %  I  Steep Slopes  I  Wavelength Tolerance +/- 3 nm  I  Deep blocking / High optical density

ColorFilterStatusWavelength range,
50%-50% [nm]
center Wavelength [nm]Bandwidth [nm]Datasheet
 width=NBP 405-15 HTon request398-41240515 Datasheet
 width=NBP 457-20 HTon request447-46745710 Datasheet
 width=NBP 488-20 HTon request478-49848820 Datasheet
 width=NBP 532-20 HTon request522-54253220 Datasheet
 width=NBP 635-20 HTstandard625-64563520 Datasheet
 width=NBP 660-10 HTstandard655-66566010 Datasheet
 width=NBP 810-45 HTon request788-83281045 Datasheet
 width=NBP 830-20 HTon request820-84083020 Datasheet


Average Transmittance 95 %  Steep Slopes  I  Wavelength Tolerance +/- 1 %  I  Ultra-low reflection  I  Deep blocking / High optical density

ColorFilterStatusOrder namecut-off Wavelength, 50% [nm]TypeDatasheet
 width=SP 460 HTon requestSP 460 HT460interference Datasheet
 width=SP 515 HTon requestSP 515 HT515interference Datasheet
 width=SP 615 HTon requestSP 615 HT615interference Datasheet
 width=SP 700 (489)standard489 E700absorption Datasheet
 width=SP 730 HTon requestSP 730 HT730interference Datasheet
 width=SP 760 HTon requestSP 760 HT760interference Datasheet
 width=SP 790 HTon requestSP 790 HT790interference Datasheet
 width=SP 850 HTon requestSP 850 HT850interference Datasheet


Average transmittance 95 %  I  Steep slopes  I  Wavelength tolerance of interference filters +/- 1 %  I  Ultra-low reflection  I  Deep blocking / High optical density

ColorFilterStatusOrder namecut-on Wavelength, 50% [nm]TypeDatasheet
 width=LP 365 (010)standard010 E365interference Datasheet
 width=LP 400 HTon requestLP 400 HT400interference Datasheet
 width=LP 430 HTstandardLP 430 HT430interference Datasheet
 width=LP 460 HTon requestLP 460 HT460interference Datasheet
 width=LP 495 HTon requestLP 495 HT495interference Datasheet
 width=LP 515 HTon requestLP 515 HT515interference Datasheet
 width=LP 530 HTon requestLP 530 HT530interference Datasheet
 width=LP 565 HTon requestLP 565 HT565interference Datasheet
 width=LP 590 HTon requestLP 590 HT590interference Datasheet
 width=LP 600 (090)standard090 E600absorption Datasheet
 width=LP 610 HTon requestLP 610 HT610interference Datasheet
 width=LP 625 (091)standard091 E625absorption Datasheet
 width=LP 630 HTon requestLP 630 HT630interference Datasheet
 width=LP 695 (092)standard092695absorption Datasheet
 width=LP 695 HTon requestLP 695 HT695interference Datasheet
 width=LP 725 HTon requestLP 725 HT725interference Datasheet
 width=LP 765 HTstandardLP 765 HT765interference Datasheet
 width=20LP 775 (098)standard098775absorption Datasheet
 width=LP 780 HTon requestLP 780 HT780interference Datasheet
 width=LP 820 HTstandardLP 820 HT820interference Datasheet
 width=LP 825 (093)standard093825absorption Datasheet
 width=LP 850 HTon requestLP 850 HT850interference Datasheet
 width=LP 900 HTstandardLP 900 HT900interference Datasheet


Insensitive to angle of incidence  I  Decrease brightness without changing DoF
Stackable, combine ND-filters to achieve OD  I  Even attenuate avoid effects on color balance

ColorFilterStatusOrder nameOptical DensityTransmission Average [%]Datasheet
 width=ND 0.6standard8020.625.0Datasheet
 width=ND 0.9standard8030.912.5Datasheet
 width=ND 1.8standard8061.81.6Datasheet
 width=ND 3.0standard8103.00.15Datasheet
 width=ND 102on request102 E0.625.0Datenblatt
 width=ND 103on request103 E0.912.5Datsheet
 width=ND 106on request1061.81.6Datasheet
 width=ND 110on request1103.00.15Datasheet


Reduce reflections  I  Increase contrast  High extinction ratio  I  Pre-cut custom shapes for polarizing films on request    

ColorFilterStatusOrder nameExtinction ratioThickness [mm]Wavelength Range [nm]Datasheet
 width=Linear polarizing glassstandardAUF>10,000:12.7420-750 Datasheet
 width=Linear polarizing glassstandardAUF MRC>10,000:12.7420-750 Datasheet
 width=Linear polarizing filmstandardIFK P-W 76 0.3>10,000:10.3430-780 Datasheet
 width=Linear polarizing filmstandardIFK P-W 64 0.4>40,000:10.4430-780 Datasheet


Insensitive to angle of incidence  I  Large CA, absence of vignetting  Improve Contrast  I  Isolate Colors

ColorFilterStatusOrder namecut-on Wavelength [nm]ColorFilter TypeDatasheet
 width=LP 600 (090)standard090 E600Light RedLongpass Datasheet
 width=LP 625 (091)standard091 E625RedLongpass Datasheet
 width=LP 695 (092)standard092695RedLongpass Datasheet
 width=LP 775 (098)standard098775IR PassLongpass Datasheet
 width=LP 825 (093)standard093825IR PassLongpass Datasheet


High transmission  High reproducibility  I  Cost effective protection of sensitive units

ColorFilterStatusOrder nameDescriptionFilter TypeDatasheet
 width=LP 365 (010)standard010 EUV-CutLongpass Datasheet
 width=BP 540-300 HTstandardBP 540-300 HTUV/IR-CutBandpass Datasheet
 width=SP 700 (489)standard489 EIR-CutShortpass Datasheet
 width=BP 515-270 HTon requestBP 515-270 HTUV/IR-CutBandpass Datasheet
 width=BP 520-280 HTon requestBP 520-280 HTUV/IR-CutBandpass Datasheet
 width=VIS-85 HTon requestVIS-85 HT420-640nm / 830-870 nmBandpass Datasheet
Technical Terms
BP = Bandpass NBP= Narrow Bandpass SP = Shortpass LP = Longpass ND = Neutral Density IFK = Industry Filters Käsemann HT = High Transmission AUF = Polarizer E/MRC = "Einfach vergütet"/"Multi Resistant Coating"

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