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Piet Thiele - Business Unit Manager Photo/ Cine

Piet Thiele is responsible for the strategic and operational management and development of the Photo/Cine business unit. He is responsible for the development of the business unit's structures, organization, processes and systems. This includes responsibility for sales, P&L, budget and resources. Within the business unit he is responsible for marketing, product management, business development and internal and external sales.

Piet came to Schneider-Kreuznach through previous activities in the photographic industry. He first came into contact with the company during a practical phase of his studies. He worked on a film scanner for a project at his then employer in Darmstadt and collaborated with Schneider-Kreuznach. During this time he came across a job advertisement for a product manager for cine filters. He applied to us and was offered a permanent position.

He finds his work particularly motivating: "Above all, working with great people, both internally and externally. I want to give users the tools they need to tell their stories in their own way. I've been a big movie fan since I was a kid, and with education came a passion for photography and all the technology behind it. Working in these markets and meeting all the people there is like a gift to me. I'm incredibly grateful.

Schneider-Kreuznach is an interesting employer for Piet because the company has a long history with many milestones. However, you still work internationally and in a more family-like environment than in a large corporation. This means that you are in control of the projects - from the idea to the finished product. It is possible to implement and react to feedback from the market. Before joining Schneider-Kreuznach, Piet worked for some time in the photography industry. He has a journeyman's certificate as a photographer and spent a decade as a photo retailer, managing a branch. Other sales positions followed. He also holds an IHK qualification as a commercial specialist in Photo+Media Technology and a Bachelor of Engineering in Media Technology. In his free time, Piet enjoys reading, listening to podcasts and baking. He is particularly interested in other people's careers. When not hiking or traveling, Piet is open to the latest technology trends - and of course, good movies.

Stuart Singer

Stuart Singer - CEO Schneider Optics, Inc.

Stuart Singer is a distinguished figure in the field of optical engineering and management, currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Schneider Optics, Inc. With a remarkable career spanning over 45 years, Stuart brings a wealth of expertise in optical engineering, lens design, and technical sales across diverse industries.

Prior to his current role, Stuart held key positions at Schneider Optics, including Senior Vice President & CTO, where he spearheaded technological innovation and strategic direction for seven years. Before joining Schneider Optics, Stuart served as the Optical Engineering Manager at Loral Fairchild Systems (formerly Fairchild Reconnaissance and Surveillance Systems) for 14 years, showcasing his adeptness in managing complex optical projects.

Stuart's contributions extend beyond corporate roles, as he also served as the Senior Technical Director of Ruda Cardinal, Inc., where he played a pivotal role in designing intricate optical systems. As a Senior Member of the Optical Engineering Society - SPIE, Stuart has actively contributed to the advancement of optical technology and shared his expertise through numerous technical papers and lectures.

Stuart's achievements in the field have been recognized with prestigious awards, including a National Emmy Award in 2012 for his pivotal role in developing an IRND Filter for Digital Motion Picture Cameras, highlighting his significant impact on the motion picture and television industries. His dedication to advancing optical engineering and his extensive experience make him a respected leader in the field.

Magnus Greger

Magnus Greger - Business Unit Manager Industry

Magnus Greger has been Head of the Industry Business Unit at Schneider-Kreuznach since 2021. Prior to this, he held various positions in the sales organization, including responsibility for global development projects and the position of Sales Manager for EMEA. His expertise and commitment make him an important pillar in the Industry Business Unit team.

Magnus has extensive experience in optics, mechanical design, electrical and software engineering. His knowledge is based on his studies in physical technologies. He started his career as an optical engineer and was heavily involved in the development and testing of high-end lenses. He later took on project management responsibilities and acted as an interface between development departments in complex projects.

Magnus supports our international customers as a contact person and problem solver in the realization of even the most demanding technical requirements. His ability to master complex technical challenges makes him a valuable resource for our company.

Claudia Baier - Product Manager Cine

Claudia Baier is Product Manager Cine in the Photo/Cine Division. Her tasks include looking after the entire range of cine filters and lenses: what ideas are there for new products, where are further developments necessary, what will be removed from the range? Claudia prepares technical documentation, business cases, specifications and compares market prices. She gives presentations and lectures to train colleagues and customers. She also works closely with product marketing and attends trade shows.
Before Claudia came to Schneider-Kreuznach, she was previously a customer and distributor, so she already knew the products and her colleagues. Her motivation? Teamwork! As a product manager, you work with many departments across divisions, have close contact with customers and work internationally. You can also play an active role in shaping the future. 
What Claudia likes about Schneider-Kreuznach is that, on the one hand, it is a medium-sized family-owned company and, on the other hand, it is internationally positioned and has a large vertical range of manufacture. 
Claudia holds a journeyman in photography and a diploma engineer degree in imaging science and media technology from the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany. Before taking over the Cine Product Management, she worked for our Industrial Optics Division. Prior to that, she held various positions in sales, marketing, technical support and product management at other companies in the industry and brings more than 20 years of professional experience in cine, photography, industrial optics, and lighting technology to her work. In her free time, Claudia enjoys trying new things, learning about new cultures and baking. 

Lena Förster - Trainee industrial clerk

Lena Förster is in her second year of training as an industrial clerk. During this time, she is familiarizing herself with various departments at Schneider-Kreuznach. So far, she has familiarized herself with purchasing, accounting, controlling, human resources, production and supply chain management. She always has new tasks. In the purchasing department, she had to obtain and compare quotations and place orders. She also had to check order confirmations. In Supply Chain Management, on the other hand, she created Excel lists to remind suppliers of deadlines, for example, and maintained the requirements and stock lists on a daily basis.

In the third year of the apprenticeship, the apprentices specialize in a later area of expertise. Apprentices are often hired to work in Trade Compliance Management or Strategic Purchasing. During the three-year training program, Lena also attends vocational school in Bad Kreuznach. This is done part-time on one or two days a week.

Lena came to Schneider-Kreuznach because she already knew the company. It is well known in the Bad Kreuznach area and when she was looking for an apprenticeship, the information about us appealed to her. Lena particularly likes the variety of tasks and the fact that as a trainee she quickly gets an overview. By being involved in the day-to-day business, she quickly understands the connections between different areas of responsibility. Lena also likes the working atmosphere and the passion our employees have for our products.

Stefan Wusterhausen - Electroplating technician/trainer

Stefan Wusterhausen is an electroplating technician. Electroplating is a process that uses chemical processes to coat surfaces with metallic coatings, such as copper. Electricity is passed through an electrolytic bath. The metal to be applied to the object, such as a lens mount, is connected to the anode. The metal is ionized by the current, dissolves in the bath and is deposited on the lens mount, which is connected to the cathode. The result is a uniform coating. 

Mr. Wusterhausen is responsible for developing, describing and documenting new electroplating processes. He also monitors the parameters of the baths and electrolytes using measuring instruments and analytical methods in the laboratory and inspects the electroplating systems. This also includes the control of waste water from electroplating processes. As Mr. Wusterhausen is also a trainer for the profession of Surface Coater (m/f/d), he also instructs new employees and provides general support in the area of training. He also corresponds with suppliers, customers and the sales department.

What he likes about his job is that every day brings something new and you work as part of a team with your colleagues. His work also brings him into contact with the company's management. What he likes about Schneider-Kreuznach as an employer is the working atmosphere and the family feel. After training as an electroplater, he completed further training to become a state-certified technician specializing in electroplating and is a master craftsman. Mr. Wusterhausen is married with two children. In addition to walking his dog, he has discovered paragliding.

Jörg Blätz

Jörg Blätz - Key Account Manager Industry

Jörg Blätz is Key Account Manager and Team Lead of the EMEA Sales Team for Schneider-Kreuznach's Industrial Optics Division. He specializes in European distribution and support for key accounts in the machine vision market. He joined the company in 2001 and has contributed significantly to its growth with his expertise in optics and imaging technology. Previously, Joerg held product and sales management positions with companies specializing in high-resolution measurement and vision systems. Joerg holds a degree in Technical Physics from the Rhein Main University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Jörg plays a key role in maintaining Schneider-Kreuznach's high standards of product sales and customer support. His technical expertise and customer-focused approach contribute to the company's success and innovation in this area.




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