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24. - 28. July 2024

Infrarotfotografie Workshop with Statz Fotografie


A creative photo trip in front of impressive scenery!

Location: Franconian Switzerland (Germany)

Once again, you can go on a journey of discovery with Statz Photography and learn about the many possibilities of infrared photography.

You can find more information here.


08.-10. October 2024


Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Booth: 10C26

Stay tuned for updates on our featured products and live demonstrations. 


17. September 2024

Understanding Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Lens Tolerances - Webinar with Stuart Singer

Compare the data sheets from Japanese, German, and U.S. lens manufacturers side by side. They have almost nothing in common. But the problem isn’t rooted in cross-cultural issues. Compare data sheets from three lens makers in the same country, and the result is the same. Each company uses its own format and nomenclature. Each company essentially is reinventing the wheel, but it is the buyer of the lens who faces the prospect of misinformation. In order to help optical engineers and system designers view lens data sheets more critically, better circumvent traps hidden within, and ask the right questions of lens providers, they must focus on the following key data sheet information and their associated tolerances or lack of actual tolerances with respect to the data sheet being viewed.

1:00P EDT / 19:00 (Berlin)

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