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Those of us who want to shoot photographs successfully and with pleasure should make sure that they have reliable good-quality equipment. The focus should not only be directed toward cameras and lenses, but should also include the little things that are sometimes overlooked as seemingly unimportant. For this reason, the B+W filter range has been expanded to include accessories that, in combination with filters, are necessary and useful.


Authenticity check


To guarantee the maximum possible security against product piracy, the function of the previous security label for our B+W filters has been expanded. Each security label contains an individual QR numerical code, which can be read with a smartphone and a corresponding QR reading app via an online portal and thus checked for authenticity. You have doubts whether your filter is a genuine B+W filter. Check it now right here!


ND Calc App


Using our free B+W ND Calculator App, you can quickly and easily determine the necessary exposure time for your professional shots.


Coating Systems


A key criterion for an outstanding filter is the coating. Quality begins in front of the lens, and that is, of course, where the filter is placed. A filter must not impair the performance of the optics.




An important element in a perfect B+W filter is a high-precision filter mount. It must be easy to hold, easy to screw on and off the lens, and fit exactly. The filter glass is perfectly plane and is screwed securely in place. It fits without play and tension. B+W filter mounts are closely toleranced and have very small dimensions. Even with the standard F-Pro mount on wide-angle lenses, photos without vignetting are possible.




The Leaf Shutter lenses are designed together with world-renowned medium format manufacturer, PhaseOne. Building on decades of experience in high-resolution optics and precision manufacturing, the Leaf Shutter lenses are some of the sharpest lenses in the world, built for today's systems as well as the future.


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