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B+W Filter

Hightech "Made in Germay".

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You are not sure whether your purchased filter is really an original B+W filter? Then do the free authenticity check now and get to know the result directly.

Top brand products are being copied more and more frequently and brazenly – to the detriment of manufacturers, retailers and customers. For this reason, the B+W filter packaging is equipped with a security hologram. In addition to the well-known Schneider-Kreuznach hologram with several hidden security features, further measures provide protection. These include a strongly encrypted coding that can be counter-checked by direct inquiry: The alphanumerical structure consists of a combination of numbers and letters that cannot be guessed, which is not repeated and is particularly safe from manipulation.

Unnoticed detachment and reapplication is not possible because the adhesive strength and material structure of the hologram label are designed in such a way that the label destroys itself during attempted detachment. A special security color between two layers of material ensures a separating effect when the label is detached and makes manipulation immediately visible. The numerical code is also embedded between the layers of material, making it tamper-proof. A third security feature on the label is the ring combination taken from the B+W logo with red and blue color-shifting inks: When viewed from an oblique angle, the red color shifts into slightly blue, depending on the viewing angle.

By registering the product and clarifying the numerical code via an Internet connection, every user can easily and perfectly determine whether the B+W filter is an original product.


Due to many plagiarism we have changed our packaging in September 2018. Only filters with the new security label Sicherheitslabel.png can be checked here.

Any other filters with a QR code on the packaging cannot be checked online. In this case, please email images of your filter to