Check your B+w filter now!


B+W Filter

Verify the  authenticity of your filter!


Why should I check the authenticity?

In order to guarantee the greatest possible security against product counterfeiting (product piracy), the function of the previous security label has been extended. 
Each security/hologram label contains an individual QR numerical code, which can be read with a smartphone and a corresponding QR reading app. Via our online portal  it can thus be checked for authenticity.

The numerical structure consists of a highly secure encryption, which reliably prevents the repetition or guessing of numerical codes. The query is carried out via a secure server system and can be accessed worldwide. The numerical codes are not stored, but only retrieved. This results in a very short response time. Misuse of the system is largely excluded.

The hologram label itself is particularly secure against manipulation. An unnoticed removal and reapplication is not possible. The adhesive force and the material structure are designed in such a way that the label destroys itself when attempting to peel it off.  The security ink is applied between two layers of material. This means that a separation effect occurs when the label is peeled off, and any manipulation is immediately visible. In addition, the numerical coding is also located between the material layers in such a way that it cannot be accessed.

By registering the product and clarifying the numerical code via an Internet connection, every user can easily and perfectly determine whether the B+W filter is an original product.