B+W Filter

Be on the safe side

B+W Filter is once again raising the safety standards for checking the authenticity of B+W Filter products and presenting an optimized safety label. For a short transitional period, packaging with both the old and the new label may be in circulation in the trade. Both labels have an encrypted 6-digit code that can be checked here. Confirmation of whether the product is a genuine B+W filter is provided immediately after the number/letter combination is entered. This service is free of charge and serves your security.

By adapting the security label, we are acting proactively to meet the challenges of the market with the latest security requirements and to make our products even more counterfeit-proof.

B+W filters with a QR code on the packaging cannot be checked here. In this case, please email images of your filter to photo@schneiderkreuznach.com.

Check now and be sure!

You are not sure whether your purchased filter is really an original B+W filter? If so, do the free authenticity check and find out the result directly. Simply enter the 6-digit code and click on the red button "Verify code now!"