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THULITE Lens F2.8 50mm TFL

Overview of V-Mount lenses

Schneider-Kreuznach V-Mount lenses

V-Mount lenses are used with a variety of accessories (helical mounts, camera adapters, extension rings, filter holders) for a wide range of applications. Whether for close-up or long distance, for large or small sensors, there is a lens/accessory combination for almost every application, regardless of the camera mount. The image circles of the lenses range from 30 mm to 100 mm. The V-Mount mounting system allows fast and convenient lens changes for industrial applications; focusing is done via the V-Mount components. Both the distance and aperture settings can be locked to ensure high imaging performance even under severe vibration. In addition, the UNIFOC 100/77 and UNIFOC 100/95 allow the lens to be tilted slightly relative to the camera to compensate for any positional tolerances of the sensor. The system's V-Mount interface allows precise azimuth alignment of the lens to the position of the sensor.

Pixel-Sensor-Size Diagram for V-MOUNT LENSES

Pixel-Sensor-Size Diagram for V-MOUNT LENSES



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