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Telecentric lenses

for the industry

THULITE Lens F2.8 50mm TFL

Overview of telecentric lenses

Schneider-Kreuznach telecentric lenses

Precise measurement often requires a telecentric lens. These 2/3” bilateral telecentric lenses with magnifications from 0.2x to 1x combine optical precision with mechanical stability for accurate measurement results. A key feature of telecentric lenses is their telecentricity, which refers to the parallelism of the rays entering the lens. Unlike conventional lenses, telecentric lenses ensure that light rays pass through the lens parallel to the optical axis. This means that objects at different depths within the field of view have the same magnification regardless of their distance from the lens. This feature eliminates perspective distortion and enables accurate measurement and analysis of object dimensions.

 Pixel-Sensor-Size Diagram for TELECENTRIC LENSES

Pixel-Sensor-Size Diagram for TELECENTRIC LENSESes_Schneider-Kreuznach_Diagram_Sensor_Pixel.png



Bilateral telecentricity at its best



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