Cine filters


Why should I use cine filters to tell my story?

Every film project is unique – and so is yours. That is why we are continuously working on a broad and yet specialized cine filter portfolio to support you and your crew on set. It does not matter, whether you are in it for practical reasons or creative effects – we want to contribute our part to your story.

Save money, time – and equipment
Tight schedule, tight budget. These are the challenges for every cinematographer. Cine Filters like our neutral density expert RHOdium® FSND or our Polarizers help you to control the image directly on set and while shooting. No need for time-consuming and costly corrections in post-production. And of course, there are practical everyday companions like our Clear filters whose sole purpose is to protect your valuable lenses and filters from debris without affecting the image. 

Transport emotions
Today’s cameras provide you with ultra sharp, high-res images. That is great, but not exactly what we would call a “pleasant filmic look”. Diffusion and Mist Filters like our top sellers Hollywood Black Magic® and Radiant Soft® soften those shots, smoothen fine details and add a subtle glow to highlights without sacrificing the overall sharpness of the image. 

Create special effects
“Filmic look – nice – but I am looking for a bit more...” Well, what about some surprising and yet controllable effects? Creative cine filters like the award-winning True-Streak® series or our new Diopter Spot create unique effects that capture and guide the eyes of your audience. 

Visit our product pages for more info – or download all our fact sheets at once. You are not sure which filters to choose for your project? Just contact us. We are happy to support you in any way possible. 

Diffusion and Mist


Our specialists for a pleasant filmic look:
Hollywood Black Magic® – Radiant BlackTM – Radiant Soft® – Classic Soft® – Black Frost®




Creative filters for anamorphic-like streak effects: True-Streak® – True Streak® Confetti




Polarizers with high extinction ratio:
Circular True-Pol® - Linear True-Pol®


Neutral Density


Independent light control, no color cast: 
RHOdium® FSND – Classic ND – RHOdium® FSND Graduated – TrueMatch Vari-ND®




Protect valuable lenses and provide truest image: Schneider-Kreuznach Clear filters




Creative filters for close-ups, double-focus or dreamy images: Diopter Full - Diopter Split - Diopter Spot


Filter Pouches


Secure storage and transport of valuable filters: 1-slot pouches - 5-slot pouches


TIP: How can I prolong the life of my cine filters?

Filters, like all crafted optics, are susceptible not only to breakage, but to premature aging caused by environmental factors. Most filters are made up of several layers of materials consisting of glass, dyes, optical cements, chemical compounds, particles etc. Even with protective measures employed in all Schneider formulations, there are many factors that can still affect the longevity of the filter: moisture (prolonged exposure to humidity), excessive heat and excessive light are the most common environmental causes that can affect the filter’s chemistry over time.

To protect your filters and keep them in great working condition for a long time (along with the rest of your camera gear) we recommend making sure to store the filters in dark, cool, and dry places when not in use. The use of filter pouches or specialized cases will also keep your filters safe from breakage when not in use. If you are in a humid environment, the addition of fresh silica gel packs or a dehumidifier in the room they are stored is also highly recommended. Protecting your filters as you would your camera lenses will ensure many years of use of your Schneider-Kreuznach filters. Every Schneider-Kreuznach cine filter is thoroughly inspected before final packaging to ensure only the highest quality filters going out into the market.

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