Streak Filters

The Schneider-Kreuznach Streak Filter are designed to create the effect of a scene or image that has been recorded with an anamorphic lens and then displayed using a complementary reverse projection lens.

The filter offers an exciting way to simulate the anamorphic streak effect with virtually any lens, anamorphic or not. Within the filter’s glass is a combination of fine line tubes whose action is limited to point light sources. Upon those light sources such as the sun, a light bulb or a candle long colored streaks emanate. This results in prominent, elongated streaks that are symmetric from each point light source to draw attention to a specific part of the frame, or to create a visually dramatic look. By rotating the filter orientation of flares can be influenced. A creative way to enhance night exteriors, highlight reflections off chrome surfaces, “wow” them with vibrant rock’n’roll illumination or achieve other stand-out imagery to liven the look with stunning vintage effects.


  • For colored, anamorphic-like streak effects
  • Emanate symmetrically from point light sources
  • 4 strengths: 1 mm (strongest effect), 2 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm (most subtle effect).
  • 3 colors: Clear, blue and gold

True-Streak® Confetti

  • For random, multi-colored streak effects
  • Streaks vary in color, length, thickness and position. 
  • Emanate from bright light points
  • Every filter is unique

Technical Specifications

StrengthsSizesColorsThicknessGlass Type
True-Streak: Plates1 mm (strongest)
2 mm
3 mm
4 mm (subtlest)
4 x 5.65“
6.6 x 6.6“
4 mmWater White Precision Optical Glass
True-Streak: Screw-In2 mmM77 ROT (rotatable)
M82 ROT (rotatable)
Blue2.7 mmWater White Precision Optical Glass
True-Streak Confetti: Plates-4 x 5.65“Multicolor4 mmWater White Precision Optical Glass
True-Streak Confetti: Screw-In-M77 ROT (rotatable)
M82 ROT (rotatable)
Multicolor2.7 mmWater White Precision Optical Glass

Filters in Use


True-Streak® Confetti

True-Streak® filters in use by Ceproma S.A.


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