Protection Filters

Clear Filter keep dirt or splashes away from the lens and protect the lens from damages. While colorless UV Filters ensure more brilliant images by blocking the unwanted UV component contained in daylight.

They also can remain in front of the lens to protect it from dirt and damage.  By filtering out ultraviolet light below 410 nanometers, the Schneider UV-410 blocks the blue cast, penetrates haze and permits the film or sensor to capture vivid colors and sharper detail.

Digital camera sensors have a high sensitivity to light beyond the visible range. For most cinematic production this can cause unwanted color shifts in dark or black materials. Schneider’s True-Cut IR Filter prevent IR light pollution with blocking all light above 750 nm (Near Infrared) to hit the sensor.


  • Solid glass
  • MgF2 AR coating (as no other stated).
  • No color shift
  • Black edged to reduce straylight.


  • UV Cut Filter (410 nm)
  • MgF2 AR coating
  • Black edged to reduce straylight.
  • No increase in exposure is required.

True-Cut IR

  • IR Cut Filter (750 nm)
  • Requires no exposure adjustment.
  • Limiting the light to the visible spectrum.
  • Eliminate the problem of unwanted color shifts caused by infrared light.

Technical Specifications

SizesThicknessGlass Type
ClearMounted: 127 mm, 138 mm
Unmounted: 4 x 5.65“, 6.6 x 6.6“
4 mmWater White Precision
Optical Glass
Haze4 x 5.65“4 mmWater White Precision
Optical Glass
True-Cut IR4 x 5.65“4 mmWater White Precision
Optical Glass

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