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THULITE Lens F2.8 50mm TFL

Overview of large format lenses

Schneider-Kreuznach large format lenses

Sensors larger than 1.3" require special lens solutions. With image circles ranging from 30 mm to 135 mm, these lenses cover even the largest sensors used in machine vision.  Large-format lenses are specifically designed for use with large-format cameras in machine vision applications. These lenses are characterized by their ability to cover a larger image circle that matches the size of the camera's image sensor format. In industrial applications, large-format lenses are often used when high-resolution imaging and precise detail capture are required.

Visual process and quality control is one of the most important application areas in modern industrial optics. With the growing use of large-format, increasingly high-resolution image sensors, conventional lenses are now reaching their optical limits. Schneider-Kreuznach provides excellent lenses especially for cameras with large sensors of the latest and coming generations.

Pixel-Sensor-Size Diagram for LARGE FORMAT LENSES

Pixel-Sensor-Size Diagram for LARGE FORMAT LENSES



High performance for sensors up to 2“




The standard for large sensors



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