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C-Mount lenses

Discover the ruggedness and high performance of our C-Mount lenses for machine vision

C-mount lenses are widely used in industry due to their special features and advantages. The name "C-mount" refers to the mechanical mount that attaches the lens to the camera. C-mount lenses are an ideal choice for machine vision applications due to their robustness, durability, high optical performance and affordable cost.

What are C-Mount lenses?


The characteristics of C-mount lenses are tailored to the requirements of industrial image processing. They feature high optical performance and precise focusing to deliver detailed and sharp images over long lifetime.

Most C-mount lenses have a fixed focal length, making them ideal for industrial applications with fixed imaging parameters as object size and working distance. This allows for high resolution and contrast when capturing images.

Benefits of C-Mount lenses


Production of a C-Mount lens

One of the main advantages of C-mount lenses is their ruggedness and durability. Designed specifically for use in industrial environments, they can withstand high temperatures, humidity, vibration and other adverse conditions. This makes them ideal for use in production environments.

In addition, C-mount lenses are typically more affordable than other types of industrial lenses for larger sensors. This makes them a cost-effective solution for companies looking to automate and improve their production processes.

Applications for C-Mount lenses


3D measurement with C-Mount lenses

C-mount lenses are used in a variety of machine vision applications, including quality assurance, inspection and production process monitoring. Other applications are in the field of robotics and automation to identify, position and track objects. C-mount lenses are also used in scientific research and medical technology to capture detailed images of samples and tissues.