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MRC-Coating - Multi Resistant Coating


Explore how MRC coating simplifies lens maintenance by making cleaning easier and more efficient. With a high wetting angle of contact, MRC-coated lenses repel water droplets, ensuring clear and pristine images even in challenging conditions.

In our comprehensive guide, we delve into the science behind MRC coating, explaining how it works and its superior benefits compared to traditional coatings. Through a plasma-supported condensation-deposit process, MRC creates compact and resilient layers that repel water and resist reflections.

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The acronym "MRC" stands for "Multi Resistant Coating". The lens coating normally used for B+W photographic filters and certain Schneider-Kreuznach lenses is resistant in several respects: for one thing, to the influence of dust and moisture, for another, it offers a significantly higher resistance to mechanical scratches on the surface of the lens. The cleaning of filters with this hard, water-repellant system of coatings has become altogether considerably easier.

The broad-band anti-reflection coating MRC is produced by a plasma-supported condensationdeposit process. In this process, the accelerated inert-gas ions condense the material deposited as very compact and resistant layers. The uppermost layer consists of fluorinated Siloxan. Each side of the filter consists of a system of eight interference layers, i.e., sixteen layers per filter in all, with a total thickness of about 250 nm! This corresponds to a thickness of ¼ µm! The uppermost layer has low surface energy, which is to say low surface tension; this results in a high wetting angle of contact, e.g., against water, of about 120°. This phenomenon is similar to a drop of mercury on a piece of glass. It is in this low surface tension that the physical secret lies, namely, why the new MRC coating considerably inhibits the adhesion of moisture.

MRC coating

The illustration shows a prepared filter which has been moistened; the one half is coated with the traditional MC coating, and the other half with the new coating design MRC. It is quite evident: the water droplets do not stick on the MRC coating (at the right).

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