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Optical filter characteristics

At Schneider-Kreuznach, we are specialized in manufacturing of high-precision optical filters for a wide range of industries. Our filters can be customized to meet specific requirements and can be used in applications such as medical, automotive and analytical instrumentation. Our optical filters can block or filter specific wavelengths of light, correct color balance and reduce glare.

Key features 

  • Reproducibility and reliability
  • Top flatness and wavefront distortion guarantees no influence on image
  • Broad range of filter types and coatings
  • Broad range of diameters
  • Robust mechanics: metal mounts

Optical Filters
Bandpass Filters
Narrow Bandpass Filters
​​​​​​​Shortpass Filters
​​​​​​​Longpass Filters
​​​​​​​Neutral Density Filters
​​​​​​​Polarizer Filters
​​​​​​​Color Filters
​​​​​​​UV-Cut & IR-Cut Filters

what are optical filters used for?


Optical filters for the industry

Precision: Optical filters can be precisely tuned to the desired wavelength to achieve specific optical properties. This allows for greater precision in measurements and inspections.

Color correction: Optical filters can also be used for color correction to improve the color accuracy of cameras and other optical devices.

Glare reduction: Filters can help reduce unwanted glare from light sources such as lamps and displays, which is important in the automotive and other industries.

Instrument protection: Optical filters can help protect sensitive instruments from harmful rays such as UV.

Benefits of our optical filters


Mounted and unmounted optical filters

Schneider-Kreuznach optical filters are high performance technical filters that have been adapted to the requirement of industrial users in research, engineering and production.  These filters feature improved optical quality, are provided with detailed technical parameters and have passed a strict quality assurance process.

Schneider-Kreuznach has the capability for coating,  mechanical design and production, giving the advantage of providing customized filters. With our micro water jet machine we are able to cut any thinkable shape.

Applications for optical filters


Optical filters have a wide range of industrial applications. In medical technology, they can be used to filter specific wavelengths of light to help examine tissue or diagnose disease.

In the automotive industry, optical filters are used to reduce unwanted glare, for example in headlights or displays. Analytical instruments such as spectrometers and fluorometers benefit from optical filters to improve measurement accuracy and precision.

Optical filters are also used in optoelectronics to control the behaviour of laser beams or LED lights, as well as in optical communication systems and sensors. These are just a few examples, as there are many other areas of industry where optical filters are used to improve the optical performance of equipment and instruments.