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Line scan lenses

for the industry

THULITE Lens F2.8 50mm TFL

Overview of line scan lenses

Schneider-Kreuznach line scan lenses

These high-end lenses are optimized for large line scan sensors, but can also be used with area scan sensors. 3 different lens series offer solutions for different sensor and pixel sizes from 12k/5µm to 16k/3.5µm. Each lens is optimized for a specific magnification ranging from 0.07x to 5.2x. These lenses are optimized for use with line scan cameras, which capture images one line at a time. They offer high-resolution imaging, compatibility with line illumination systems, telecentricity for accurate measurements, precise alignment capabilities, and robust construction. These lenses are essential for industrial imaging applications that require precise inspection, measurement or analysis of objects with high detail and accuracy.

The lenses are designed for the highest requirements in web and surface inspection and are the first choice for FPD and PCB inspection systems, for example. These applications require line scan lenses with particularly high resolution to ensure optimum defect detection in production and the associated quality assurance processes. 

Pixel-Sensor-Size Diagram for LINE SCAN LENSES

Pixel-Sensor-Size Diagram for LINE SCAN LENSES



The budget solution for highend line scan




The standard for 12k / 16k line scan




The ultimate solution for high magnification 12k and 16k linescan applications



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