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Fast lenses

for the industry

THULITE Lens F2.8 50mm TFL

Overview of
fast lenses

Schneider-Kreuznach fast lenses

Our fast lenses with F0.95 are designed to excel in challenging lighting conditions. These lenses have a wide maximum aperture, which allows them to capture a greater amount of light and enable faster shutter speeds. By capturing more light, fast lenses produce brighter and clearer images, ensuring optimum performance in the low light environments commonly found in industrial environments.

In addition, the wider aperture of fast lenses helps to reduce noise and minimise motion blur, resulting in sharper, more detailed images. This is particularly beneficial when capturing moving objects or performing high-speed inspections, as it allows for crisp and accurate images. The image circle of 16 mm covers sensors up to 1”.

Pixel-Sensor-Size Diagram for FAST LENSES

Pixel-Sensor-Size Diagram for FAST LENSES



Extremely fast and perfect for low light and high speed applications



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