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fast Lenses

Extremely fast and perfect for low light
and high-speed applications


Key Features of the Lenses

  • Extremely fast lens with F0.95
  • 1" (16 mm) max. sensor size
  • Focal length: 25 mm
  • Version with fixed iris F0.95 available
ONYX Lens F0.95 25mm C-Mount

Our ONYX lenses

ONYX lenses are an excellent solution for environments where both low light and high speed are critical. With an ultra-high F0.95 aperture, these fast lenses offer the ability to capture exceptionally clear and detailed images even in low light with sensors up to 1".

ONYX lenses are specifically designed for applications where low light is available and fast motion needs to be captured. The robust mechanical design of the lenses ensures reliable performance even under adverse conditions. In addition, the ability to lock the focus and iris with locking screws increases stability in use (the iris screw is omitted in the fixed iris version).

Discover the compatibility of ONYX lenses with top sensor brands
Check out the optimal sensor compatibility for ONYX lenses. Our selection includes a variety of compatible sensors from leading manufacturers such as Sony, OnSemi, GPixel, Teledyne e2V, ams. Improve your imaging efficiency and accuracy with the ideal lens-sensor combination.




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Sensor Size
Size D x L (mm x mm)
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Applications & Markets of the ONYX lenses

The applications for the fast ONYX lenses are numerous. In bioluminescence, these lenses enable high-precision observations in controlled laboratory environments where minimal light intensity is required. In high-speed imaging, the lenses capture moving objects with remarkable clarity, enabling detailed analysis. Finally, ONYX fast lenses maximize light capture in low-light environments, providing clear and detailed images even in low light conditions.



The lens is suitable for bioluminescence applications under laboratory conditions.



The lens is suitable for fluorescence applications under laboratory conditions.


High speed imaging

High-speed imaging

Used in high-speed imaging to capture fast-moving objects with high resolution and clarity for detailed analysis. 

Low light

Low light applications

In low-light applications, the lens collect and focus the maximum amount of light for sensitive imaging.

Mounts for the ONYX lenses


A C-mount is a specific mechanical connection widely used in the industry for cameras and lenses. It is defined by a diameter of 1 inch (25.4 mm) and 32 threads per inch (C-mount thread). This mount allows lenses to be easily and securely attached to cameras and is widely used in machine vision and other applications.

C-mount connectors provide a robust and proven solution for connecting lenses to cameras. The standardization of C-mount also makes it easy to change lenses to meet the changing needs of different applications.


Product highlights

Product sheet PDF


Download the ONYX lens product sheet for details of the lens family. It provides a comprehensive overview of the features, specifications and capabilities of each lens in the family.


Fixed iris Lenses

ONYX F0.95 25mm C-Mount Fixed Iris

Fixed aperture lenses are particularly robust because they have a fixed aperture, making them a preferred choice for industrial applications. This design eliminates the need for moving aperture parts and increases lens life in harsh environments.

More information

Environmental Facts of the ONYX lenses

Our ONYX fast lenses are tested to DIN standards to ensure they meet stringent environmental requirements. These tests check the durability of the fast lenses, their resistance to temperature changes and their ability to withstand shock tests and sinusoidal vibration. This ensures that the industrial lenses are up to the task in demanding industrial applications such as low light applications or high-speed imaging, providing consistent performance and reliability over time.

Slow temperature cycling

-25°C - +70°C
5 cycles a 12h

DIN ISO 9022-2-14-03 -1
Damp heat, cyclic

-23°C - +40°C
80% - 95% rel. humidity

DIN ISO 9022-2-16-01-1
Shock testing

50 g / 11 ms
18 shocks

DIN ISO 9022-3-30-06-1

Sinusoidal vibration

2 g
10-500 Hz

DIN ISO 9022-3-36-04-1

optical filters

By protecting the lens, eliminating unwanted wavelengths and enhancing contrast, optical filters can improve the image quality of your lens in industrial applications.



Maximise the potential of your industrial lens with our range of high quality accessories including camera adapters, extension tubes, filter holders and UNIFOC.

Overview of all Schneider-Kreuznach Products

Download our Product Brochure (PDF)

The interactive eBrochure includes all standard Industrial Lenses and Industrial Optical Filters currently available from Schneider-Kreuznach. 
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Check out our range of C-Mount or TFL-Mount compact lenses. They're compact, robust and available in ruggedized, stabilized or motorized versions. Ideal for demanding applications like automated optical inspection, 3D measurement and machine vision in industrial environments.


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