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V38 lenses

The universal lens solution


Key features of the Lenses

  • Image circle: 30 mm - 100 mm
  • 11 focal lengths: 28 mm - 120 mm
  • Covering a wide working distance range
  • Lenses for specific magnifications available
  • Very low distortion and high resolution
  • V38-Mount, compatible to the V38 mounting system
  • Initial apertures: F2.8 - F5.6
PYRITE Lens F4.5 90mm V-38

Our Pyrite lenses

These vibration insensitive lenses are designed to be used with large area and line scan sensors under harsh conditions as in many industrial applications. Very low chromatic aberrations plus low geometric distortion provide a very high image quality from edge to edge at a wide magnifications range. The V38-Mount fits to the modular Unifoc system with its large variety of accessories, including focusing mounts, extension tubes and camera adapters. Please note: The V38 lenses do not have a built-in focusing mechanism. Therefore, a separate focusing mount and adapter is required to mount the lens on cameras. Depending on the application, additional extension rings may be required.

Discover the compatibility of PYRITE lenses with top sensor brands
Check out the optimal sensor compatibility for PYRITE lenses. Our selection includes a variety of compatible sensors from leading manufacturers such as Sony, OnSemi, GPixel, Teledyne e2V, ams. Improve your imaging efficiency and accuracy with the ideal lens-sensor combination.

The V38-Mount System for Pyrite Lenses

The compact and robust V38-Mount System, consisting of Schneider-Kreuznach lenses in a special iris mount, focusing mounts, extension tubes and camera adapters. It is the best choice for larger image circles and flexible flange-to-image distances. The system can be adapted on many different cameras for industrial and scientific applications. For assembly in reverse position special adapters are available which can be screwed into the filter thread of the lens.

The V38-Mount System provides a uniform interface with three lock-screws that engage into a groove. This guarantees a stable and durable connection and makes it possible to use multiple combinations of the individual components.

f' (mm)
Sensor Size
Size D x L (mm x mm)
Weight (g)
Filter thread
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Optical Filters

Optical filters help to improve optical quality. They are provided with detailed technical parameters and have passed a strict quality assurance procedure.


V38-Lenses (PYRITE)

The V38-lenses have a compact and robust metal mount, with precise iris adjustment and locking mechanism as well as a filter thread. With a special adapter the lenses can even be reversed for magnifying images. The lenses are available with focal lengths from 28 mm to 120 mm and cover sensor diagonals from 30 mm up to 90 mm depending on the focal length. Their optical performance is optimized for typical working distances at machine vision applications.


Focussing Mounts

The V38-lenses have no built-in focusing mechanism. Therefore a separate focusing mount is needed. Schneider-Kreuznach is offering four focusing mounts with V38 interface:

UNIFOC 12 V38/V38 17.4-29.4 mm

UNIFOC 7 V38/V38 20-27 mm

UNIFOC 7 V38/M58x0.75 20-27 mm

UNIFOC 5 V38/C 19.2-24.2 mm

We also offer a larger UNIFOC 25 for situations where smaller UNIFOCs may cause vignetting when used with large sensors. Special adapters are available for the V38 system.


Extension Tubes

The V38-lenses have no fixed back focal lengths and also cameras differ in their flange-to-image distances. Therefore the extension length of the lenses must be adapted individually to the current image task. This is done by extension tubes, which can be combined in different lengths. They are installed between lens and camera. Extension tubes are available in different sizes.

Extension Tube.png

Camera Adapters

Special camera adapters are available that connect the V38-Mount-System interface to a variety of camera mounts. Types and extensions are shown below.


V-38 Products


PYRITE 2.8/28 V38 1097781    
PYRITE 2.8/35 V38 1097782    
PYRITE 2.8/40 V38 1097232    
PYRITE 4.0/45 V38 1097783    
PYRITE 2.8/50 V38 1097301    
PYRITE 4.0/60 V38 1097302    
PYRITE 4.0/80 V38 1097276    
PYRITE 5.6/80/1.0x V38 1097785    
PYRITE 4.5/90 V38 1097789    
PYRITE 5.6/100 V38 1097303    
PYRITE 4.5/90/0.3x V38 1097784    
PYRITE 5.6/120/1.0x V38 1097277    
PYRITE 5.6/120/0.75x V38 1097786    
PYRITE 5.6/120/0.5x V38 1097787    
PYRITE 5.6/120/0.33x V38 1097788    
UNIFOC 7 V38/V38 20-27mm 1001041 V38/V38 20-27 mm
UNIFOC 7 V38/M58x0.75 20-27mm 1054532 V38/M58x0.75 20-27 mm
UNIFOC 12 V38/V38 17.4-29.4mm 11726 V38/V38 17.4-29.4 mm
UNIFOC 5 V38/C 19.2-24.2mm 1011634 V38/C-Mount 19.2-24.2mm
EXTENSION TUBE V38/V38 6mm 20176 V38/V38 6 mm
EXTENSION TUBE V38/V38 8mm 20177 V38/V38 8 mm
EXTENSION TUBE V38/V38 10mm 20178 V38/V38 10 mm
EXTENSION TUBE V38/V38 25mm 20179 V38/V38 25 mm
EXTENSION TUBE V38/V38 50mm 20154 V38/V38 50 mm
EXTENSION TUBE V38/V38 75mm 20155 V38/V38 75 mm
ADAPTER V38/C 6.5mm 20052 V38/C-Mount  
ADAPTER V38/TFL 6.5mm 1098491 V38/TFL-Mount  
ADAPTER V38/L 6.5mm 20054 V38/Leica  
ADAPTER V38/M42x0.75 6.5mm 20053 V38/M42x0.75  
ADAPTER V38/M42x1 6.5mm 20059 V38/M42x1  
ADAPTER V38/M42x1 35mm 1001692 V38/M42x1  
ADAPTER V38/M58x0.75 10mm 1018385 V38/M58x0.75  
ADAPTER V38/F 9.3mm 21610 V38/Nikon  
ADAPTER V38/M37x0.75 3.5mm 1100587 V38/M37x0.75  
ADAPTER V38/M40.5x0.5 3.5mm 1100588 V38/M40.5x0.5  

Assembled System

Save valuable time and effort by choosing an assembled system. Our expert technicians handle the assembly process, allowing you to focus on running your business without having to worry about manual configuration.

Our assembled systems include our full range of products such as lenses, optical filters, camera adapters, extension tubes and more. These components are carefully assembled in our facility to ensure precise integration and optimal performance.

With the example of the V38-series our Technical Report shows you how it works and why it really helps you. 



Compatible accessories for the pyrite lenses

List of accessories

Product Mount Length ID
UNIFOC 5 V38 / C 19.2-24.2 mm 1011634
UNIFOC 7 V38 / V38 20.0-27.0 mm 1001041
UNIFOC 7 V38 / M58x0.75 20.0-27.0 mm 1054532
UNIFOC 12 V38 / V38 17.4-29.4 mm 11726
UNIFOC 25 L / M42x0.75 18.8-44.5 mm 39549
UNIFOC 25 L / M58x0.75 18.8-44.5 mm 13048
EXTENSION TUBE V38 / V38 6 mm 20176
EXTENSION TUBE V38 / V38 8 mm 20177
EXTENSION TUBE V38 / V38 10 mm 20178
EXTENSION TUBE V38 / V38 25 mm 20179
EXTENSION TUBE V38 / V38 50 mm 20154
EXTENSION TUBE V38 / V38 75 mm 20155
EXTENSION TUBE M42x0.75 / M42x0.75 5 mm 1105879
EXTENSION TUBE M42x0.75 / M42x0.75 10 mm 1105880
EXTENSION TUBE M42x0.75 / M42x0.75 25 mm 41643
EXTENSION TUBE M42x1 / M42x1 5 mm 1105877
EXTENSION TUBE M42x1 / M42x1 10 mm 1105878
EXTENSION TUBE M58x0.75 / M58x0.75 10 mm 13051
EXTENSION TUBE M58x0.75 / M58x0.75 25 mm 13050
EXTENSION TUBE M72x0.75 / M72x0.75 5 mm 1072420
EXTENSION TUBE M72x0.75 / M72x0.75 10 mm 1072421
EXTENSION TUBE M72x0.75 / M72x0.75 25 mm 26406
EXTENSION TUBE M72x0.75 / M72x0.75 50 mm 1054733
EXTENSION TUBE M72x0.75 / M72x0.75 100 mm 1079483
EXTENSION TUBE M90x1 / M90x1 10 mm 1084875
EXTENSION TUBE M90x1 / M90x1 25 mm 1084876
EXTENSION TUBE M90x1 / M90x1 50 mm 1084877
EXTENSION TUBE M90x1 / M90x1 100 mm 1084878
EXTENSION TUBE M95x1 / M95x1 10 mm 1077290
EXTENSION TUBE M95x1 / M95x1 25 mm 1062892
EXTENSION TUBE M95x1 / M95x1 50 mm 1062893
EXTENSION TUBE M95x1 / M95x1 100 mm 1062894
EXTENSION TUBE M95x1 / M95x1 200 mm 1077291
ADAPTER V38 / C 6.5 mm 20052
ADAPTER V38 / TFL 6.5 mm 1098491
ADAPTER V38 / M37x0.75 3.5 mm 1100587
ADAPTER V38 / L 6.5 mm 20054
ADAPTER V38 / M40.5x0.5 3.5 mm 1100588
ADAPTER V38 / M42x0.75 6.5 mm 20053
ADAPTER V38 / M42x1 6.5 mm 20059
ADAPTER V38 / M42x1 35 mm 1001692
ADAPTER V38 / M58x0.75 10 mm 1018385
ADAPTER V38 / F 9.3 mm 21610
ADAPTER M42x0.75 / C 5.5 mm 41629
ADAPTER M42x0.75 / F 10 mm 21591
ADAPTER M42x0.75 / M42x1 9.5 mm 21592
ADAPTER M58x0.75 / M72x0.75 2 mm 13052
ADAPTER M58x0.75 / M90x1 4 mm 1084880
ADAPTER M58x0.75 / M95x1 4 mm 1062891
ADAPTER M72x0.75 / M42x1 6 mm 1079515
ADAPTER M72x0.75 / M58x0.75 6 mm 1075556
ADAPTER M72x0.75 / M90x1   4 mm 1084879
ADAPTER M72x0.75 / M95x1   4 mm 1077013
ADAPTER M95x1 / M72x0.75 6.6 mm 1077295
ADAPTER M95x1 / M90x1   6.6 mm 1084889


Product features

Product sheet PDF


Download the PYRITE lens product sheet for details of the lens family. It provides a comprehensive overview of the features, specifications and capabilities of each lens in the family.


Environmental Facts of the PYRITE lenses

Our PYRITE V38 lenses are tested to DIN standards to ensure they meet stringent environmental requirements. These tests check the durability of the V38 lenses, their resistance to temperature changes and their ability to withstand shock tests and sinusoidal vibration. This ensures that the industrial lenses are up to the task in demanding industrial applications such as machine vision or automated optical inspection, providing consistent performance and reliability over time.

Slow temperature cycling

-25°C - +70°C
5 cycles a 12h

DIN ISO 9022-2-14-03 -1
Damp heat, cyclic

-23°C - +40°C
80% - 95% rel. humidity

DIN ISO 9022-2-16-01-1
Shock testing

50 g / 11 ms
18 shocks

DIN ISO 9022-3-30-06-1

Sinusoidal vibration

2 g
10-500 Hz

DIN ISO 9022-3-36-04-1

optical filters

By protecting the lens, eliminating unwanted wavelengths and enhancing contrast, optical filters can improve the image quality of your lens in industrial applications.



Maximise the potential of your industrial lens with our range of high quality accessories including camera adapters, extension tubes, filter holders and UNIFOC. See our accessories page.


Overview of all Schneider-Kreuznach Products

Download our Product Brochure (PDF)

The interactive eBrochure includes all standard Industrial Lenses and Industrial Optical Filters currently available from Schneider-Kreuznach. 
Find all the important information about our products in one place. Search, compare and find the right solution for your needs. DOWNLOAD




Check out our range of C-Mount or TFL-Mount compact lenses. They're compact, robust and available in ruggedized, stabilized or motorized versions. Ideal for demanding applications like automated optical inspection, 3D measurement and machine vision in industrial environments.


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