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How to read our new lens names

In 2021, we introduced our new lens naming system. On this page, we aim to help you understand our new lens names.

Understanding the abbreviations on our lenses is crucial for selecting the appropriate equipment for industrial imaging needs. Please refer to the guide below to clarify the abbreviations commonly found on these lenses.

Schneider-Kreuznach uses a methodical approach to designate its lenses, incorporating abbreviations that convey vital information about each lens's specifications. To assist you in making informed decisions when choosing the optimal lens for your machine vision needs, we will deconstruct the elements of our lens nomenclature.

Namensbeispiel .png

New lens naming structure

We are pleased to announce that we have restructured our lens families in 2021, resulting in the renaming of several lenses. This change aims to simplify our product offerings for easier identification. As our range grows, we are naming our product families after gemstones. Additional name parts (abbreviations) convey specific product information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team.

Code no.Old lens nameTypeMountNew lens name
1088899Xenon-Topaz 2.4/6.5CTOPAZ 2.4/6.5 C
1100923Xenon-Topaz 2.4/6.5motorizedCTOPAZ 2.4/6.5 C-MI
1081347Xenon-Topaz 2.0/25CTOPAZ 2.0/25 C
1088585Xenon-Topaz 2.0/25motorizedCTOPAZ 2.0/25 C-MI
1078946Xenon-Topaz 2.0/30CTOPAZ 2.0/30 C
1084646Xenon-Topaz 2.0/30motorizedCTOPAZ 2.0/30 C-MI
1076930Xenon-Topaz 2.0/38CTOPAZ 2.0/38 C
1084666Xenon-Topaz 2.0/38motorizedCTOPAZ 2.0/38 C-MI
1079220Xenon-Topaz 2.0/50CTOPAZ 2.0/50 C
1084649Xenon-Topaz 2.0/50motorizedCTOPAZ 2.0/50 C-MI
1093543Xenon-Opal 2.8/12COPAL 2.8/12 C
1099612Xenon-Jade 2.8/12CJADE 2.8/12 C
1099214Xenon-Jade 2.8/16CJADE 2.8/16 C
1098480Xenon-Jade 2.8/25CJADE 2.8/25 C
1098000Xenon-Jade 2.8/35CJADE 2.8/35 C
1098905Xenon-Jade 2.8/50CJADE 2.8/50 C
1074625Xenon-Ruby 2.2/10Cceased out
1074626Xenon-Ruby 2.3/16Cceased out
1088325Xenon-Ruby 2.2/25Cceased out
1074627Xenon-Ruby 2.3/35Cceased out
1084232Apo-Xenoplan 2.8/16CTOURMALINE 2.8/16 C
1098691Apo-Xenoplan 2.8/16TFLTOURMALINE 2.8/16 TFL
1056472Apo-Xenoplan 2.0/20CTOURMALINE 2.0/20 C
1098778Apo-Xenoplan 2.0/20TFLTOURMALINE 2.0/20 TFL
1071371Apo-Xenoplan 2.0/24CTOURMALINE 2.0/24 C
1076613Apo-Xenoplan-M 2.0/24motorizedCTOURMALINE 2.0/24 C-MI
1098692Apo-Xenoplan 2.0/24TFLTOURMALINE 2.0/24 TFL
1006219Apo-Xenoplan 2.0/35CTOURMALINE 2.0/35 C
1076612Apo-Xenoplan-M 2.0/35motorizedCTOURMALINE 2.0/35 C-MI
1098690Apo-Xenoplan 2.0/35TFLTOURMALINE 2.0/35 TFL
1101717Xenoplan 2.8/40CTOURMALINE 2.8/40 C
1101715Xenoplan 4.0/45CTOURMALINE 4.0/45 C
1001976Xenoplan 2.8/50CTOURMALINE 2.8/50 C
1062882Xenoplan 2.8/50ruggedizedCTOURMALINE 2.8/50 C-R
1076168Xenoplan-M 2.8/50motorizedCTOURMALINE 2.8/50 C-MI
1098689Xenoplan 2.8/50TFLTOURMALINE 2.8/50 TFL
1101716Xenoplan 4.0/60CTOURMALINE 4.0/60 C
1001972Xenoplan 2.0/28CAQUAMARINE 2.0/28 C
1062857Xenoplan 2.0/28ruggedizedCAQUAMARINE 2.0/28 C-R
1061456Xenoplan-M 2.0/28motorizedCAQUAMARINE 2.0/28 C-MI
1098688Xenoplan 2,0/28TFLAQUAMARINE 2.0/28 TFL
1075451Xenoplan 2.0/35CAQUAMARINE 2.0/35 C
1098687Xenoplan 2,0/35TFLAQUAMARINE 2.0/35 TFL
1001978Cinegon 1.9/10CTURQUOISE 1.9/10 C
1060005Cinegon 1.9/10ruggedizedCTURQUOISE 1.9/10 C-R
1061374Cinegon 1.9/10motorizedCTURQUOISE 1.9/10 C-MI
1001482Cinegon 1.8/16CTURQUOISE 1.8/16 C
1058928Cinegon 1.8/16ruggedizedCTURQUOISE 1.8/16 C-R
1061375Cinegon 1.8/16motorizedCTURQUOISE 1.8/16 C-MI
1014593Tele-Xenar 2.2/70CTURQUOISE 2.2/70 C
1062874Tele-Xenar 2.2/70ruggedizedCTURQUOISE 2.2/70 C-R
1061457Tele-Xenar-M 2.2/70motorizedCTURQUOISE 2.2/70 C-MI
1012344Apo-Xenoplan 1.4/23Cceased out
1062875Apo-Xenoplan 1.4/23ruggedizedCceased out
1061454Apo-Xenoplan 1.4/23motorizedCceased out
1057564Apo-Xenoplan 1.8/35Cceased out
1062883Apo-Xenoplan 1.8/35ruggedizedCceased out
1061455Apo-Xenoplan 1.8/35motorizedCceased out
1001955Cinegon 1.8/4.8CCITRINE 1.8/4.8 C
1058930Cinegon 1.8/4.8ruggedizedCCITRINE 1.8/4.8 C-R
1062311Cinegon 1.8/4.8stabilizedCCITRINE 1.8/4.8 C-S
1061448Cinegon-M 1.8/4.8motorizedCCITRINE 1.8/4.8 C-MI
1055691Cinegon 2.1/6Cceased out
1062873Cinegon 2.1/6ruggedizedCceased out
1075636Cinegon-M 2.1/6motorizedCceased out
1001919Cinegon 1.4/8CCITRINE 1.4/8 C
1062858Cinegon 1.4/8ruggedizedCCITRINE 1.4/8 C-R
1068951Cinegon 1.4/8stabilizedCCITRINE 1.4/8 C-S
1061449Cinegon-M 1.4/8motorizedCCITRINE 1.4/8 C-MI
1001951Cinegon 1.4/12CCITRINE 1.4/12 C
1062859Cinegon 1.4/12ruggedizedCCITRINE 1.4/12 C-R
1070118Cinegon 1.4/12stabilizedCCITRINE 1.4/12 C-S
1061450Cinegon-M 1.4/12motorizedCCITRINE 1.4/12 C-MI
1001957Xenoplan 1.4/17CCITRINE 1.4/17 C
1062860Xenoplan 1.4/17ruggedizedCCITRINE 1.4/17 C-R
1070117Xenoplan 1.4/17stabilizedCCITRINE 1.4/17 C-S
1061451Xenoplan-M 1.4/17motorizedCCITRINE 1.4/17 C-MI
1001917Xenoplan 1.4/23CCITRINE 1.4/23 C
1062871Xenoplan 1.4/23ruggedizedCCITRINE 1.4/23 C-R
1061452Xenoplan-M 1.4/23motorizedCCITRINE 1.4/23 C-MI
1001960Xenoplan 1.9/35CCITRINE 1.9/35 C
1062872Xenoplan 1.9/35ruggedizedCCITRINE 1.9/35 C-R
1061453Xenoplan-M 1.9/35motorizedCCITRINE 1.9/35 C-MI
10456Xenon 0.95/17Cceased out
12101Xenon 0.95/25CONYX 0.95/25 C
35850Xenoplan 1:1/0.14/11CSYLVINE 0.14/1.0x C
35851Xenoplan 1:2/0.14/11CSYLVINE 0.07/0.5x C
35852Xenoplan 1:3/0.14/11CSYLVINE 0.05/0.33x C
35853Xenoplan 1:4/0.13/11CSYLVINE 0.03/0.25x C
35854Xenoplan 1:5/0.13/11CSYLVINE 0.03/0.2x C
1071609Xenon-Emerald 2.8/28Version SFEMERALD 2.8/28 F-SD
1071611Xenon-Emerald 2.8/28Version SV48EMERALD 2.8/28 V48-SD
1071606Xenon-Emerald 2.8/28Version LFEMERALD 2.8/28 F-LD
1071610Xenon-Emerald 2.8/28Version LV48EMERALD 2.8/28 V48-LD
1062672Xenon-Emerald 2.2/50FEMERALD 2.2/50 F
1070074Xenon-Emerald 2.2/50V48EMERALD 2.2/50 V48
1085115Xenon-Emerald 4.0/60FEMERALD 4.0/60 F
1086887Xenon-Emerald 4.0/60V48EMERALD 4.0/60 V48
1085723Xenon-Emerald 4.0/80FEMERALD 4.0/80 F
1086888Xenon-Emerald 4.0/80V48EMERALD 4.0/80 V48
1064881Xenon-Emerald 2.8/100Version SFEMERALD 2.8/100 F-SD
1070119Xenon-Emerald 2.8/100Version SV48EMERALD 2.8/100 V48-SD
1070506Xenon-Emerald 2.9/100Version LFEMERALD 2.9/100 F-LD
1073834Xenon-Emerald 2.9/100Version LV48EMERALD 2.9/100 V48-LD
37275Componon 4.0/28Leicaceased out
37277Componon 4.0/35Leicaceased out
19746Apo-Componon 2.8/40Leicaceased out
39256Apo-Componon 4.0/45Leicaceased out
16828Componon-S 2.8/50Leicaceased out
18928Apo-Componon 4.0/60Leicaceased out
14850Componon-S 4.0/80Leicaceased out
1070287Apo-Componon 4.5/90Leicaceased out
14022Componon-S 5.6/100Leicaceased out
39569Componon-S 5.6/135M50 x 0.75ceased out
39570Componon-S 5.6/150M50 x 0.75ceased out
1097781Componon 2.8/28V38PYRITE 2.8/28 V38
1097782Componon 2.8/35V38PYRITE 2.8/35 V38
1097232Apo-Componon 2.8/40V38PYRITE 2.8/40 V38
1097783Apo-Componon 4.0/45V38PYRITE 4.0/45 V38
1097301Componon-S 2.8/50V38PYRITE 2.8/50 V38
1097302Apo-Componon 4.0/60V38PYRITE 4.0/60 V38
1097276Componon-S 4.0/80V38PYRITE 4.0/80 V38
1097785Makro-Symmar 5.6/80V38PYRITE 5.6/80/1.0x V38
1097789Apo-Componon 4.5/90V38PYRITE 4.5/90 V38
1097303Componon-S 5.6/100V38PYRITE 5.6/100 V38
1097784Apo-Componon 4.5/90ß' = -0.30V38PYRITE 4.5/90/0.3x V38
1097277Makro-Symmar 5.6/120ß' = -1.00V38PYRITE 5.6/120/1.0x V38
1097786Makro-Symmar 5.6/120ß' = -0.75V38PYRITE 5.6/120/0.75x V38
1097787Makro-Symmar 5.6/120ß' = -0.50V38PYRITE 5.6/120/0.5x V38
1097788Makro-Symmar 5.6/120ß' = -0.33V38PYRITE 5.6/120/0.33x V38
1072517Macro Varon 4.5/85ß' = -0.5 …-2V38PYRITE 4.5/85/0.5x-2.0x V38
1068013Xenon-Sapphire 4.5/95-0.07xV70SAPPHIRE 0.007/0.07x V70
1071819Xenon-Sapphire 3.9/95-0.23xV70SAPPHIRE 0.02/0.23x V70
1071818Xenon-Sapphire 3.7/96-0.29xV70SAPPHIRE 0.03/0.29x V70
1068012Xenon-Sapphire 3.5/96-0.35xV70SAPPHIRE 0.04/0.35x V70
1071189Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/96-0.5xV70SAPPHIRE 0.05/0.5x V70
1071190Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/97-0.7xV70SAPPHIRE 0.06/0.7x V70
1076452Xenon-Sapphire 2.8/98-0.875xV70SAPPHIRE 0.08/0.875x V70
1076453Xenon-Sapphire 2.8/98-1.143xV70SAPPHIRE 0.09/1.143x V70
1068014Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/88-1.75xV70SAPPHIRE 0.10/1.75x V70
1073347Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/88-1.75xV70SAPPHIRE 0.10/1.75x V70-BS
1076096Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/97-1.43xV70SAPPHIRE XL 0.09/1.43x V70
1076451Xenon-Sapphire 3.2/96-2.0xV70SAPPHIRE XL 0.10/2.0x V70
1078039Xenon-Diamond 2.7/111 -2.6xV70DIAMOND 0.13/2.6x V70
1076949Xenon-Diamond 2.9/106-2.6xV70DIAMOND 0.12/2.6x V70-BS
1076963Xenon-Diamond 2.2/117-3.5xV90DIAMOND 0.17/3.5x V90
1079718Xenon-Diamond 2.3/116-3.5xV90DIAMOND 0.16/3.5x V90-BS
1079320Xenon-Diamond 1.5/82-5.2xV70DIAMOND 0.22/5.2x V70
1081873Xenon-Diamond 1.6/80-5.2xV70DIAMOND 0.22/5.2x V70-BS
1098892Xenon-Black Diamond 2.3/116-3.33xV90DIAMOND XL 0.16/3.33x V90-BS
1099014Xenon-Black Diamond 1.6/82-5.0xV70DIAMOND XL 0.21/5.0x V70-BS
1101929Xenon-Zirconia 3.3/90-0.1xV48ZIRCONIA 0.01/0.1x V48
1073622Xenon-Zirconia 3.3/92-0.2xV48ZIRCONIA 0.03/0.2x V48
1076966Xenon-Zirconia 3.2/91-0.5xV48ZIRCONIA 0.05/0.5x V48
1078947Xenon-Zirconia 3.1/91-0.7xV48ZIRCONIA 0.07/0.7x V48
1078948Xenon-Zirconia 2.8/89-1.0xV48ZIRCONIA 0.09/1.0x V48
1078872Xenon-Zirconia 3.2/92-2.0xV48ZIRCONIA XL 0.10/2.0x V48
1078988Xenon-Zirconia 3.2/92-2.0xV48ZIRCONIA XL 0.10/2.0x V48-BS
1079651Xenon-Zirconia XL 4.0/104-0.33xV48ZIRCONIA XL 0.03/0.33x V48
1063163SWIRON 1.4/23 CCHAROITE 1.4/23 C
1063164SWIRON 2.8/40V38CRYOLITE 2.8/40 V38
1087723SWIRON 2.8/50V48CUPRITE 2.8/50 V48
1088501SWIRON 2.8/50 CCUPRITE 2.8/50 C
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