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Pixel and Sensor Size at a glance

Unlock the potential of your imaging system with our comprehensive pixel/sensor size guide. Understanding the relationship between lens compatibility and sensor size is critical to achieving optimal results in industrial imaging and machine vision applications.

Our chart visually illustrates which lens families are best suited for different sensor sizes, providing valuable insight to aid in your lens selection process. Whether you're working with large-format sensors or compact sensors, our guide will help you make informed decisions to meet your specific imaging needs. By using our pixel/sensor size chart, you can ensure compatibility between your lenses and sensors, maximizing the performance and efficiency of your imaging setup.

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Pixel and sensor size chart by lens class

Compact lenses

Compact lenses diagram

Fast lenses

Fast lenses diagram

Large format lenses

Large format lenses diagram

Line scan lenses

Line scan lenses diagram

SWIR lenses

SWIR lenses diagram

V-Mount lenses

V-Mount lenses diagram

Telecentric lenses

Telecentric lenses

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