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Liquid lenses - chance and challenge 


In typical industrial applications, a common challenge arises with the fluctuating working distances from the object to the lens.

This frequent variation demands adaptability. A fixed focus lens falls short in maintaining continuous focus on the object due to these rapid changes.

The Lens Solution - PYRITE LF

Combining two well-known lenses from the PYRITE lens series with the OPTOTUNE EL-16-40-TC led to the following lenses:

  • PYRITE 4.0/60 C-LF (image circle 24 mm)
  • PYRITE 4.0/60 TFL-LF  (image circle 32 mm)
  • PYRITE 4.0/80 C-LF (image circle 24 mm)
  • PYRITE 4.0/80 TFL-LF (image circle 36 mm)

Optional extension tubes for closer working distance

PYRITE LF optimization

More than just a simple combination of prime lens and liquid lens:

  • Optimized position of liquid lens between prime lens and sensor
  • Tuned prime lens
  • Extension tubes for extended WD range
  • Two mounts (C-/TFL-) for increased flexibility and larger image circle up to 36mm
PYRITE liquid focus lenses




Liquid Lens in Motion - Setup

  • Lens PYRITE 4.0/80 C-LF
  • Horizontal orientation
  • WD for close object: 20 cm
  • WD for far object: 3 m
  • Stopped down to F8
  • Low speed setting

Combining a conventional imaging lens with an electrically tunable lens, also known as liquid lens, allows the easy adjustment of the working distance in an industrial environment.

  • Extremely fast (response time few milliseconds)
  • Long lifetime > 1 billion cycles
  • High repeatability
Fixed focus lens
Liquid lens approach





The large clear aperture of up to 16 mm diameter for the electric driven lenses by Optotune offers the highest flexibility in combination with Schneider-Kreuznach machine vision lenses.

OPTOTUNE working principle


Optotune working principle

Key components:
  • Voice coil actuator
  • Membrane
  • Fluid
  • Container



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