B+W launches thinnest polarizer made in Germany

B+W Filter extends its high-quality T-Pro filter line by the High Transmission Circular
Polarizer HTC-Pol according to Käsemann.

T-Pro filters are known for their lean product properties, turning the HTC-Pol into the thinnest polarizer made in Germany. The unique Titanium-finish completes the high-end product design. Thanks to the durable brass mount and premium MRC nano coating, all T-Pro filters are long-lasting products which are scratch-resistant as well as water-, oil and dirt-repellent.

Hence, B+W Filter offers a five-year warranty on this special filter line.

The Circular Polarizer HTC-Pol according to Käsemann offers a high light transmission. Its filter factor is 2 to 3, which equals about 1 to 1.5 stops. This results in photos with a higher contrast and richer colors. Furthermore, the rotatable T-Pro brass mount makes it easy to spot unwanted reflections and to reduce them significantly. While rotating, the polarizer’s effect can be observed through the camera viewfinder or on its display.

The T-Pro High Transmission Circular Polarizer HTC-Pol is manufactured in Germany and available in Ø 37 to 95 mm. It is even suitable for super wide-angle or telephoto lenses and fits every common camera system.

Germany's thinnest high transmission polarizer according to Käsemann complements the T-Pro filter line from B+W Filter