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20.09.2022 | Cine Optics | Press Release

ISCO4all wins Film & TV Kamera Award 2022!

Schneider-Kreuznach's Newcomer ISCO4all has just received the prestigious Film & TV Kamera Award by the well-known German filmmaking magazine of the same name. The first spherical and anamorphic lens set competed and won in the category "Lenses". 

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07.09.2022 | Cine Optics

Film & TV Kamera Award 2022

ISCO4all has just been nominated for this year’s Film & TV Kamera Award 2022 by the community of the popular German filmmaking magazine. It is the second nomination for a prestigious award since its launch in May 2022. 

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04.08.2022 | Cine Optics | Press Release

Gear of the Year Award 2022: We are nominated!

Our newcomer ISCO4all has been nominated in the categories "Innovation of the Year" and "Prime Lens" by the well-known filmmaking magazine Pro Moviemaker. 

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29.07.2022 | Industrial Optics

Discover our shortpass filters

Filter InSight Part 3: Shortpass filters with ultra-low reflection. 

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