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01.12.2021 | Industrial Optics

We are renaming our industrial lenses

In order to make information more accessible we have restructured the lens range and renamed the lenses accordingly.


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05.10.2021 | Industrial Optics

New Zirconia 3.3/90 complements the series

It extends the range of Zirconia lenses with a common magnification 0.1x.
It is designed for line sensors. The main fields of application are FPD- and PCB inspection.
It has of course a very uniform imaging performance over the whole field of view and comes like all other Zirconias with V48 mount.

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04.08.2021 | Industrial Optics

New compact Xenoplan 1.3” C-Mount lenses for high-resolution sensors | Press Release

The three lenses combine the optical design principle of the Componon lenses with the robust and stable mechanics of the Schneider-Kreuznach C-Mount lenses.

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01.07.2021 | Industrial Optics

“Assembled Systems” for Optical Applications

Schneider-Kreuznach helps customers save time with Assembled Systems.

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