B+W Filter introduces new T-Pro filter range

The filters in the new T-Pro range from B+W are designed with a thinner profile in response to the trend towards ever-compacter camera equipment. The filters are suitable for all focal lengths, including wideangle and telephoto. The titanium-colored finish gives the T-Pro filters a unique appearance. They are manufactured to the highest standards with
minimal tolerances. Brass is used as the base material for the filter ring for high stability and a long service life. T-Pro filters have a precision glass contact surface; the filter is bonded flat, without any tension, using stateof-the-art adhesive technology. The special functional coating has good sliding properties to make it easier to screw the filter on and off.

The T-Pro filter range starts with the high transmission protection filters 007 Clear and 010 UV Haze. Both are excellently suited to providing mechanical protection and helping prevent any damage to the expensive front lens.

The filters also protect the lens against dust, sand, water, fingerprints and scratches. The UV Haze filter additionally reduces unwanted UV effects and tones down the associated blue haze. 

T-Pro filters have an exclusive, premium MRC nano coating, B+W’s highest quality broadband coating. This is applied on both sides to enhance the optical imaging properties. As a result, the filters achieve uniform, increased transmission properties across the light spectrum with only a physical minimum of residual reflection (Ø 0.5%). With all-around nano protection on the glass, the filter has a long service life.

T-Pro filters have high scratch resistance for good durability, and effective dirt-, water, and oil-repellant properties for simple and fast cleaning. The T-Pro Filter line will be available as of January 15th 2020. The list price starts at 64,90 Euro.



The new filter range from B+W: T-Pro