Unleash the Potential of Sony's IMX530 and IMX540 Sensors with a JADE lens

JADE lens family for 1.2" sensors, designed specifically for high-tech applications and compatible with Sony's 4th generation Pregius S™ technology, offers unique precision with high imaging performance and minimal brightness loss at the edges, opening up new possibilities in various markets.

The Perfect Choice for 1.2" Sensors

The JADE lens family for 1.2" sensors is one of the few in the market specifically designed for 1.2" sensors. Their compatibility with Sony's 4th generation Pregius S™ technology, especially with the IMX530 and 540 sensors with 2.74µ pixel size, makes them the ideal choice for high-tech applications. 

The advantages are obvious: designed for 2.74µ pixel sizes, they can also be used in many applications down to 2.4µ. The high imaging performance right into the corners of the sensor and the minimal brightness loss towards the edges ensure unique precision. 

They also open up new horizons in various markets and applications. From 3D metrology to machine vision and traffic engineering - the applications are as diverse as your ideas. 

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