B+W Filter upgrades the standards of its security labels

B+W Filter is once again improving the security standards for the authenticity check of its filters and is presenting an optimized security label, which is placed on the side of the B+W Filter packaging.

For a short period of time, packaging with both the old and the new label may be in circulation in stores. Both labels are equipped with a six-digit code that can be checked on the company’s website.

The result whether the product is a genuine B+W filter is displayed immediately after the number/letter combination is entered. This service is free of charge and offers maximum security.

As usual, the material of the new label has also been carefully selected, so that the label breaks as soon as it gets detached and disables manipulation.

By updating the security label, B+W Filter acts proactively to meet the challenges of the market with the latest security requirements and to make its premium products even more secure against counterfeiting.


B+W Filter upgrades the security standards