Schneider-Kreuznach introduces the new
Xenon-Opal 2.8/12 lens 

Modern applications require the highest image quality over the entire field. The new Xenon-Opal 2.8/12 compact C-mount lens from Schneider-Kreuznach fulfills these demands, designed to operate with 12 MP cameras and 1.1" sensors.

The maximum chief ray angle of 6° assures that this lens is a perfect match for state-of-the-art sensors with pixels down to 3 μm.

The robust mechanics enable the lens to be mounted on an arm of a robot system while at the same time a precise centering and field curvature correction ensures a sharp image from edge-to-edge serving high-end 3D measurement systems.

The 400 to 1000 nm broadband AR-coating makes the Xenon-Opal lens suitable for LED illumination from blue light to NIR. Contact Schneider-Kreuznach today and learn why this high precision lens is the perfect choice to solve your challenging demands on an imaging system from factory automation to medical devices.


The new
Xenon-Opal 2.8/12 lens