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Being the first lens set for both anamorphic and spherical storytelling, the launch of ISCO4all has raised a couple of questions.

By creating this webpage, we want to address some of the most frequently asked questions. The list will be continually updated. So, if you cannot find your question below, just send us a message via our contact form and we will get back to you. 

FAQ - ISCO4all

I cannot find any prices on your homepage. How much is ISCO4all?

We sell our products via dealers and distributors. Therefore, we kindly ask you to contact your local dealer or distributor for any price information. If you are not sure whom to contact, you can either find a list of our partners here, or send us a message via the contact form below. We will be happy to support you. 

Where can I rent or test ISCO4all?

We have preparted a list with contacts for you. Please check our sub-site ISCO4rent for further details. 

What is the difference between the rental version and the sales version of ISCO4all?

The ISCOsphericals of the limited rental sets were delivered with a PL-Mount and a vintage V+ Coating. The new ISCOsphericals of the sales version have got an EF-Mount and a special Schneider-Kreuznach vintage amber coating (A+). However, user-changeable PL-Mount kits are available as an additional accessory. There is also a slight difference in the design of the cine lenses: While the sales version has got a silver index ring, the index ring of the rental version is black.

Which step-up/ adapter rings are included in ISCO4all?

Two step-up rings 72 to 77 mm are included in the set - a slim and a thicker version. More sizes down to 52 mm are available as additional accessories. For more details, take a look at the product list on the ISCO4all website. 

Why are there two step-up rings 72 to 77 mm included in the set?

They both have got the same thread size. However, they differ in their thickness. The slim version prevents vignetting when shooting with the 43 mm ISCOspherical cine prime. The bigger one is more solid and protects the back lens element of the ISCORAMA in case that no taking lens is attached. 



What does the name ISCORAMA CU 1.5x stand for?

"54" refers to the size of the back lens of the ISCORAMA in mm. (Please note that this limits the use of bigger taking lenses.)

"CU" stands for Close-up. We improved the close focus function of the new ISCORAMA to approximately 1.4 m compared to 2 m of the original ISCORAMA version from the 60s. 

"1.5 x" represents the average squeeze ration the ISCORAMA is working with. 

Can I buy the ISCORAMA 54 CU 1.5x anamorphic adapter separately?

No, the ISCORAMA 54 CU 1.5x is part of the ISCO4all set and cannot be bought separately. The same holds true for the ISCOsphericals A+.  

What is the ISCORAMA's squeeze factor?

The average squeeze factor is 1.5x. This factor varies slightly throughout the entire picture. In the middle, it will be a little less while it increases slightly towards the edges. Additionally, the squeeze factor decreases with longer focusing distances. This is an optical phenomenon that you will find with any anamorphic front attachment as well as generic anamorphic lenses when focused with a variable diopter system. 

Does the ISCORAMA work with hf / electronic / manual follow focus systems?

When mounted correctly while using standard gears on FF or motor, it will work flawlessly. However, mounting the motor is a bit tricky. The gearing will travel through the motor's gear. In some cases, the use of a wider gear might be recommended or mandatory. 

What is the size of the ISCORAMA's front filter thread?

The size of the ISCORAMA's front filter thread is 95 mm.

What is the size of the ISCORAMA's mounting thread?

The size of the ISCORAMA's mounting thread is 77 mm. 

What is the minimum object distance (MOD) of the ISCORAMA 54 CU 1.5x?

Compared to the original ISCORAMA 54, we have improved the close focus from 2 m to 1.4 m. If you need to get closer, we recommend using diopters. 

Do I need a mechanical support for the ISCORAMA?

We highly recommend using a rod support to take stress off your valuable taking lens. That is why our ISCORAMA 54 CU 1.5x is delivered with a mounted 1/4"-20 support bracket.

Furthermore, we also offer a bigger ISCORAMA 54 Support Bracket with a 1/4 and 3/8 thread as an additional accessory. 

What is meant by the 1/4"-20 UNC Support Mount?

1/4"-20 UNC is the description of the thread used for the 15 mm rod support. It is the standard camera support thread used on most tripods and baseplate kits. 

Can I mount the ISCORAMA 54 CU 1.5x on a LWS rod mount system?

Our ISCORAMA 54 CU 1.5x is delivered with a mounted 1/4"/20 support bracket. However, to address this issue, we offer an optional bigger and stronger support bracket with 1/4 and 3/8 thread: "ISCORAMA 54 SUPPORT BRACKET 1/4 + 3/8" (ID 1103882). For more details, take a look at the list of ISCO4all's additional accessories.

Please note: We strongly recommend using the ISCORAMA with a support, especially when used in combination with old and precious vintage lenses. 

How can I mount the ISCORAMA on a third party and/or vintage lens?

Basically, you can use any step-up adapter ring to mount the ISCORAMA to a third party lens. We offer a set of custom-built adapter rings providing perfect fit for lenses from 52 up to 72 mm (ID 1104771). These adapter rings minimize the airgap between your taking lens and the ISCORAMA's back lens.

For the use with the ISCOspherical A+ 43 mm (T2.4), we added a slim version of the 72 to 77 mm adapter ring to minimize vignetting in FF mode. 

Minimizing the air gap is crucial to keep the viewing angle as wide as possible. 

Please note: Make sure that the front lens of your taking lens does not touch the back lens of the ISCORAMA, e.g. while focusing, as this will most likely damage both elements. 

Which lenses can be used with the ISCORAMA 54 CU 1.5x adapter?

You can use any lens with a maximum diameter of 54 mm (of the actual front lens, not the barrel). We offer a set of adapter rings from 72 to 52 to make sure that you do not have to combine several step-up rings. Keeping the air gap between the lenses as small as possible is crucial to maintain the widest possible viewing angle. 

Please note: We do not recommend using big and modern cine lenses as these usually have a big light trap in front, which reduces the maximum viewing angle. The original ISCORAMA was optimized for 50 mm lenses. Thus, the design limits the use of lenses with a wider field of view. The limit is somewhere between 40 mm and app. 35 mm when used with a full frame sensor - depending on the build of the taking lens used. 

Does the front lens of the ISCORAMA rotate/travel?

The front element turns and travels app. 8 mm while focusing from the infinity to close focus position. 

Is there a lightloss when mounting the ISCORAMA in front of a taking lens?

No, there is no lightloss. 

Does the ISCORAMA provide a single focus solution?

Yes. The ISCORAMA 54 CU 1.5x has got a built-in patented and variable diopter. 

For further details, take a look at question "How can I adjust the focus while using the ISCORAMA?" (s. below).

Do I have to set the taking lens to infinity?

Yes, we recommend you to do that. For further information, just take a look at the question below: "How can I adjust the focus while using the ISCORAMA?"  

How can I adjust the focus while using the ISCORAMA?

ISCORAMA has got a built-in patented single focus solution based on a variable diopter. After the taking lens has been set to infinity, the focus can be adjusted with the focus ring of the anamorphic adapter/attachment. 

Furthermore, we offer a focus lock for the ISCOsphericals (ID 1104521) as an additional accessory to prevent unwanted focus shifts on the taking lens. 


FAQ - ISCOsphericals

What is the size of the ISCOsphericals' front filter thread?

The size of the ISCOsphericals' front filter thread is 72 mm.

How can I avoid significant vignetting when shooting with the ISCOspherical 43 mm in full frame mode?

ISCO4all includes two adapter rings. Using the slim version with the 43 mm lens reduces the air gap between the taking lens and the ISCORAMA, which consequentially minimizes the vignetting. 

How can I mount an iris motor drive?

We are aware of the issue. Unfortunately, this is the downside of the small, compact form of the ISCOsphericals and we do not have a satisfactory solution at the moment. Up to now, mounting a motor drive onto the iris ring of the mini primes remains a challenge. 

How can I fix infinity on the ISCOsphericals?

To address this issue, we have produced a special focus lock, which is a small device that can be mounted on the barrel of the ISCOspherical and blocks the focus ring from rotating. The focus lock is available as an additional accessory. For more information, please kindly check our product list on the ISCO4all webpage. 

What is the difference between the ISCOsphericals and the Dulens Mini Cine Primes?

The ISCOsphericals are custom-made by Dulens for Schneider-Kreuznach. They have got a special amber coating (A+) for authentic flares, whereas the Dulens Mini Cine Primes have got a vintage style green/blueish coating called V+. 

While changing the mount I realized that there are six holes, but only five screws provided. Is there a screw missing?

No, only five screws are used. Due to the lightweight and small size of the lenses, there is no thread behind the sixth hole. It remains empty. 



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