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24.05.2023 | Industrial Optics | Press Release

New ONYX 0.95/25 C-FI 0.95 lens

Ultra-fast 1" C-Mount lens with a fixed F0.95 aperture

The new ONYX 0.95/25 C-FI 0.95 lens is designed for low light imaging applications.

With its sturdy mechanical structure, fixed iris, and locking screw for focus, it can withstand even the harshest conditions.

It is perfect for demanding environments and guarantees exceptional performance and reliability.

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12.05.2023 | Industrial Optics

New digital Industry Product Brochure

The new and updated digital Product Brochure is now available for download. It contains all of the standard Products, product comparison Tables and Lens Charts. 

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04.05.2023 | Industrial Optics | Press Release

New blue NBP450-40 Industry Filter with a peak wavelength of 450 nm

new NBP450-40 Industry Filter by Schneider-Kreuznach

Our new industry filter, the NBP 450-40 Narrow Bandpass Filter. This filter is specifically designed for laser applications with a wavelength of 450 nm, making it an excellent choice for use with blue lasers or LEDs of the same wavelength.

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31.03.2023 | Cine Optics | Press Release

Classic ND: New neutral density filter line

Classic ND replaces Schneider-Kreuznach’s current ND Filter line with effect from March 31, 2023. Its portfolio includes eight neutral density filters with a range of 10 stops, available in the densities 0.3 to 2.1 and 3.0. 

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