New: ONYX 0.95/25 C-FI 0.95 lens with fixed iris

Introducing the ultra-fast 1" C-Mount lens with a fixed F0.95 aperture.

With a focal length of 25mm and a maximum angle of view of 35°, it is optimized for bioluminescence, fluorescence, high-speed imaging, and other low light applications. The lens is compatible with a 16mm sensor size and has a recommended working distance range of 234mm to infinity.


ONYX 0.95/25 C-FI 0.95 lens with fixed iris

With its sturdy mechanical structure, fixed iris, and locking screw for focus, it can withstand even the harshest conditions. Perfect for demanding environments, this lens guarantees exceptional performance and reliability.

Key Features: Extremely fast lens with F0.95 | 1" (16 mm) max. sensor size | C-Mount lens | ​​​​​​​Focal length: 25 mm | ​​​​​​​Robust mechanics | ​​​​​​​Fixed iris for highest stability

Suitable Sensors (Selection): SONY IMX174 | SONY IMX249 | Gpixel GLUX1605BSI | Gpixel GLUX9701BSI | Onsemi LUPA1300-2 | Onsemi PYTHON5000 | AMS CMV4000

Typical applications: Bioluminescence | Fluorescence | High speed imaging | Low light applications

Main markets: Medical | Industry | Automotive

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