New: THULITE large format lens series

Set of high-end lenses for APS-C sized 2” sensors and typical machine vision applications

These high resolution lenses for sensors up to 32 mm diagonal are compact and robust and therefore ideal for demanding imaging applications even in harsh environment.


THULITE  large format lens series

The optical design prevents shading with CRA sensitive sensors and the special broadband AR coating enables the use either in the visible 400 to 700 nm or in the NIR 700 to 1000 nm range.

Key Features of the Lens
•    2" (32 mm) max. Sensor size
•    3 focal lengths: 35 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm
•    Very high resolution down to 2.4µm pixel size
•    Initial aperture: F2.8
•    M42 and TFL-Mount available
•    Covering a wide working distance range

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