Compact TFL-Mount lenses for high-resolution cameras with 4/3” sensors from Schneider-Kreuznach

The resolution of modern sensors is increasing with every generation. Pixels are getting smaller and while the sensor itself is getting bigger. It shows that the standard C-Mount is too small to provide a high image quality over the whole sensor size. While F-Mount bayonet is not stable enough and M42 does not allow compact lens designs.

In contrast, the new standardized TFL-Mount with its M35x0.75 thread and 17.52 back flange distance (same as C-Mount) is ideal for large-format compact lenses. To serve the demand of high-resolution compact lenses with an image circle up to 24 mm (4/3”), Schneider-Kreuznach offers now their well-known anti shading lenses and the 1.3” lenses equipped with TFL- Mount. For more options to adapt lenses to cameras with TFL-Mount, we provide a V38-to-TFL-Mount and a V48-to-TFL-Mount adapter. Contact Schneider-Kreuznach today and find out which lens suits best to your needs.


Discover the new TFL-Mount lenses from Schneider-Kreuznach