New packaging design for B+W filters
Stylish appearance and clear orientation for the customer


Informative and high-quality at the same time: Both retailers and end consumers benefit from the newly developed packaging concept for B+W filters. What was originally almost a dozen different packaging designs is now reduced to three basic cartons. The new cardboard box in a matt black design is finished with a matt film wrapping, which provides additional stability and a special feel. The logo is expressive, embossed and underlines the high quality of the products from B+W.

New, color-coded front labels provide a quick overview of the essential product information for the various filter types. For example, the Premium Line with its XS-Pro filters with MRC nano coating has a gold-colored base label and the Professional Line with the remaining B+W filter range has a silver-colored base label. The new B+W filter packaging is also fitted with a hinged Euro hanger for suitable presentation on sales walls. The printed QR code, which can easily be scanned with a tablet or smartphone, guides the user to further information about B+W filters on the Schneider-Kreuznach website. The proven and practical filter box made of shatter-proof and durable special plastic (inlays ensure that the filter is held securely during transport) has been retained and modernized. The color is now transparent gray, while the lid bears an embedded B+W logo.

Top brand products are being copied more and more frequently and brazenly – to the detriment of manufacturers, retailers and customers. For this reason, the new B+W filter cardboard box is now equipped with a new security hologram. In addition to the well-known Schneider hologram with several hidden security features, further measures provide protection. These include a strongly encrypted numerical code that can be counter-checked by direct inquiry: The alphanumerical structure consists of a combination of numbers and letters that cannot be guessed, which is not repeated and is particularly safe from manipulation.
Unnoticed detachment and reapplication is not possible because the adhesive strength and material structure of the hologram label are designed in such a way that the label destroys itself during attempted detachment. A special security color between two layers of material ensures a separating effect when the label is detached and makes manipulation immediately visible. The numerical code is also embedded between the layers of material, making it tamper-proof. A third security feature on the label is the ring combination taken from the B+W logo with red and blue color-shifting inks: When viewed from an oblique angle, the red color shifts into slightly blue, depending on the viewing angle.





New packaging design for B+W filters