B+W Filter launches two new filter lines:
BASIC and MASTER - Made in Germany

Schneider-Kreuznach launches two new filter lines with B+W Filter: BASIC and MASTER. The new BASIC filter line replaces the well-known F-Pro filter line and includes all common filter types. With a few exceptions, these filters are supplied with the proven MRC coating, which ensures high-contrast and color-neutral images as well as a dirt- and water-repellent surface coating.


The previous Premium XS-Pro filter line will be replaced by the new, optimized MASTER filter line. In addition to the 007 Clear and 010 UV-Haze filters, the MASTER filter line includes the High Transmission Circular polarizers and a new generation of ND 0.9 to 3.0 filters. All filters of the new MASTER filter line are equipped with the exclusive MRC nano premium coating technology. This high-quality broadband coating is applied on both sides and enhances the optical imaging properties. You achieve uniform and increased transmittance across the entire light spectrum, with minimal physically induced remaining reflection. The nano all-round protection on the filter glass ensures increased scratch resistance as well as extremely easy and fast cleaning. All these features guarantee a long filter life.

Both filter lines - BASIC and MASTER - have been given a facelift. A new knurl design provides a better grip. The polarizers from the new MASTER filter line are also exclusively equipped with a grease-free rotating device for smoother rotation.

All B+W filters are manufactured in Germany to the highest standards with minimal tolerances. The base material of the filter mounts is brass, a guarantee for high stability and durability. The special functional coating with its optimized sliding properties makes it easier to screw the filter in and out. In addition, a precise glass support guarantees a flat and tension-free fit of the filter glass. The filters are suitable for all focal lengths, including (super)wide-angle to telephoto lenses. 

The diameter range of the Master filter line is from Ø 30.5 to Ø 95. Protection and polarizing filters are also available in Ø 112mm. The range of the BASIC filter line covers Ø 37mm - Ø 105mm. The filters are supplied in plastic-free packaging and are now available in stores.