Schneider-Kreuznach introduces the
new SWIRON 2.8 / 50 lens

The new SWIRON 2.8 / 50 from Schneider-Kreuznach is a high-performance lens with a 50 mm focal length and fitted with a C or V mount.

As it is extremely robust and insensitive to rough ambient conditions, the lens retains its high optical imaging performance in all situations. Standard features of all SWIRON lenses include secure locking of the iris and focus settings as well as the SWIR coating of 900 – 1,700 nm. This new SWIRON lens is suitable for extremely high-resolution sensors with a pixel size of up to 12.4 µm and a 25.6 mm image circle.

A special lacquer that reduces stray light guarantees optimum imaging performance in all applications. Designed for working distances from 0.25 m to 2.5 m and with a distortion of less than 1 %, the SWIRON 2.8 / 50 is ideal for applications such as fluid inspection, bio-pharmaceuticals or solar inspections.

It is also suitable for LIDAR applications in the area of chemicals and agriculture and can be used in food control and hyperspectral imaging for material testing.





The new Swiron 2.8/50 from Schneider-Kreuznach