Hydraulic Servo valves

Servo valves for electrohydraulic control systems

The servo valve is the heart of every electrohydraulic control. High quality equipment is essential to meet the static and dynamic requirements.

The spool and sleeve valves single-stage and multi-stage with their simple construction, comply with these criteria perfectly. Servo valves from Schneider-Kreuznach are renowned for reliability and easy maintenance. Our servo valve programme includes valves in one-stage, two-stage and three-stage models with a flow range of 0.4 to 700 l/min.

In addition to the comprehensive standard programme, we provide many adapted valve models – with e.g. special characteristic curve, pistons with very little waste oil, with two reverse edges or highly dynamic valves.



Single stage servo valve with or without integrated electronic
Two or more stage servo valve with or without integrated electronic

Special valves

Besides the comprehensive standard servovalve program, Schneider-Kreuznach supplies a large quantity of servo valves, specially adapted for particular purposes:

  • valves with very narrow flow for extreme precision < 0.4 l/min
  • valves with bent or progressive characteristic curves
  • highly dynamic valves for nibbles machines with t= < 3 ms
  • shock resistant valves for acceleration > 100g on punch presses
  • valves for special fluids like brake fluid
  • pneumatic servo valves for high-quality pressure and position control

special model

  • HVM 025
  • HVM 026
  • HVM 055
  • HVM 056
  • HVM 068
  • HVM 071
  • HVM 106
  • HVM 107

Pressure control valves
In addition to the hydraulic servo valve, we also offer our Pressure control valve model HVD 306. We are happy to provide you with further information. 


Part of the lifecycle of a linear drives is that, after an appropriate period of time, it is subjected to a check and a service.

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