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Only clean optics deliver good pictures

Dust and fingerprints are the biggest enemies of extremely high image quality and they also impair the optical performance of high-quality lenses or optical filters.

Heavy residue on the filter, the lens front, and even on the rear of the lens can reduce the amount of light that is allowed through to the sensor so strongly that stray light, ghost images and reflections diminish contrast and weaken colour saturation. Regular and above all correct cleaning of lenses and filters is therefore paramount for serious photographers. B+W provides new professional cleaning and maintenance products for precisely these purposes.

Areas of application

Optical filters, front and rear lenses of DSLR cameras, CSC-, MFT system cameras, compact cameras, video cameras and camcorders, as well as spotting scopes, binoculars and telescopes, smart phones, tablets and coated eyeglass lenses.

Cleaning sets

The B+W cleaning utensils are available in different care sets. The sets
include a practical draw-cord pouch in which the utensils can be kept.
Held together compactly like this, it can also be kept in a smaller camera bag. The pouch is big enough to accommodate further contents depending on personal needs.



B+W Premium Line XS-Pro Digital MRC   |   B+W Professional Line F-Pro MRC

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Lens cleaner

With its highly effective cleaning substances, the tried and tested pump spray for highly sensitive optical surfaces also removes firmly adhering dirt particles that cannot be removed by brush and microfiber cloth alone. The pump spray is easy to use and leaves no unwanted residues on the lens or filter glass.

• developed exclusively for B+W - ideal for optical filters, camera lenses, binoculars, telescopes, coated ophthalmic glasses, TFT screens, etc.
• easy to use
• without propellant
• non-alcoholic
• biodegradable
• free of streaks

Please find the safety datasheet in our Download Center.

Cleaning brush

The hairs of the new B+W cleaning brush are made of very fine goat hair which gently and effectively removes above all loose dust and dirt particles from sensitive optical surfaces. The brush hairs are natural, undyed and not cut. This means that there are no angular ends, and the hair tips glide gently over the surface to be cleaned. At 12 cm long the cleaning brush is compact and is only available as a part of a cleaning set (see below).

Cleaning cloth

Microfibers for perfect cleanliness The new B+W microfiber cloth provides high cleaning efficiency and is especially suitable for coated optical surfaces such as photo filters and lenses. Thanks to its size and its flat surface without elevations, it is easy and efficient to use. The cloth is washable up to 40° C and should be washed by hand after being used about eight to ten times with a mild detergent and rinsed thoroughly. The cloth is supplied in a sturdy case.

Available size 30 x 30 cm as B+W Pro Optic microfiber (see below).

The size 20 x 20 cm only available as a part in the cleaning set 5 part.


The new bellows from optical specialist B+W helps when contactless removing loose dust on sensitive optical surfaces. With a total length of 15 cm and a generously sized hand bellows made of easy-care, durable rubber, it lies very well in the hand. The powerful airflow can be guided precisely using the attached air nozzle. Not only lenses and filters but also inaccessible parts of sensitive equipment surfaces can be kept clean using the hand bellows. Moreover, it is suitable for device-friendly dust removal on the inside of precision devices such as cameras (mirrors), watches, telescopes and more.

Professional cleaning brush

The professional version of the cleaning brush is 15 cm long and also made from high-quality goat hair. In addition, the brush has a magnet at the lower end and can therefore always be placed ready to hand at the workplace.

Microfiber cleansing cloth


There is no better cleansing and care cloth for sensitive optical equipment: The B+W Photo Clear is made from a high-tech microfiber which is free of chemicals and lint and cleans gently but thoroughly. It can be washed in an environmentally safe manner, and used again and again without losing any of its properties – an accessory of frequently underestimated importance for imaging performance.

Available in approx. 18 x 18 cm and 31 x 37 cm sizes, each with a protective plastic envelope.

Cyber Clean

The B+W Cyber Clean cleaning compound eliminates up to 99.999% of harmful particles from surfaces such as camera housings and keyboards.
Simply knead and press on the surface. By removing the compound the dirt is also removed. Knead into the compound and put it back in the tub. Reuse it multiple times.

Please find the safety datasheet in our Download Center.

Individual filter case

B+W provides various cases for the safe, dust-proof storage of filters. The flat, handy filter cases made of hard but gray transparent plastic let you see right away which filter is stored inside.

A shock-absorbing foam insert prevents slipping and rattling. The sturdy individual cases are available in three sizes, with additionally available inserts reducing the dimensions for smaller filters.

Filter pouch B4 and B6

The folding, foam-padded pouch made of flexible plastic material can hold up to six filters. Snap fasteners and transparent inner compartments ensure quick, easy access and the secure positioning of the filters. When folded, the pouch also fits into the front compartment of a photo bag for fast, convenient removal.

Nylon fabric filter pouches

These filter pouches are made of padded, heavy-duty and water-repellent nylon fabric with practical Velcro fasteners and white space for labeling.

Product overview b+w cleaning Accessories

B+W Cleaning tissue, approx. 20 x 20 cm
B+W Cleaning brush, approx. 120 mm
Bellows, approx. 15 cm
Lens Cleaner pump spray, 50 ml
B+W Lens Cleaner pumpspray, 50 ml
B+W Photo Clear cleaning tissue, approx. 18 x 18 cm
1085778B+W Brush with magnet, approx. 150 mm
1085775B+W Bellows, approx. 15 cm
1065854B+W Lens Cleaner pump spray 50 ml
1094184B+W Pro Optic micro fiber 30 x 30 cm
1093843B+W Photo Clear pink 20 x 18 cm
1093844B+W Photo Clear navy 20 x 18 cm
1093845B+W Photo Clear black 20 x 18 cm
1093846B+W Photo Clear blue 20 x 18 cm
1093879B+W Photo Clear Box pink, 12 pc.
1093880B+W Photo Clear Box navy, 12 pc.
1093881B+W Photo Clear Box black, 12 pc.
1093882B+W Photo Clear Box blue, 12 pc
1093883B+W Photo Clear Box color, 12 pc
1093973B+W Single filter box, grey, small, up to Ø 52, incl. foam padding
1093974B+W Single filter box, grey, middle, up to Ø 77, incl. foam padding
1093975B+W Single filter box, grey, large, up to Ø 105 incl. foam padding
10095252Etui 20,0 x 20,0 cm up to Ø 127, Nylon
1006346Etui 14,5 x 14,5 cm, up to Ø 105, Nylon
1095253Etui 11,5 x 11,5 cm, up to Ø 52, Nylon
30080Etui B6, for 6 filter up to Ø 62, Nylon
1004514Etui B4, for 4 filter up to Ø 86, Nylon
1096977B+W Cyber Clean high-tech cleaning compound, 145g

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