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C-Mount lenses

V38-Mount Lenses

V38-Mount lenses are used for machine vision applications. The mount is designed to fit a specific mounting standard and is commonly used in industrial automation and quality control processes.

What are V38-Mount lenses?

The compact and robust V38-Mount System, consisting of Schneider-Kreuznach lenses in a special iris mount, focusing mounts, extension tubes and camera adapters. For assembly in reverse position special adapters are available which can be screwed into the filter thread of the lens. The V38-Mount System provides a uniform interface with three lock-screws that engage into a groove. This guarantees a stable and durable connection and makes it possible to use multiple combinations of the individual components.

Benefits of The V38-System

Production of a C-Mount lens

The V38-System is the best choice for larger image circles and flexible flange-to-image distances. The system can be adapted on many different cameras for industrial and scientific applications.

Applications for The V38-System 

3D measurement with C-Mount lenses

Thanks to their universal, application-independent design and an optically and mechanically well thought-out construction, these lenses enable the full utilization of modern sensor technology. 
With extensive accessories such as intermediate rings, worm gears and adapters, these lenses are used in classic machine vision, medical applications, LCD, PCB and web inspection, food processing and even 2D and 3D metrology.