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Fixed magnification lenses

Precision Perfected: Discover the Power of Fixed Magnification lenses

Schneider-Kreuznach fixed magnification lenses are meticulously engineered optical instruments for industrial and scientific professionals. The optimization for a specific magnification results in superior resolution and minimal aberration. Our lenses are designed to maximize the field of view at various magnification levels, making it easy to scan large areas or examine small details. They are also designed to provide optimal working distances, ensuring both visual quality and comfortable working conditions. Overall, Schneider-Kreuznach fixed magnification lenses offer a balanced approach that provides precise magnification levels and unparalleled clarity, ideal for critical measurements and inspections in a variety of applications.


High Magnification &
Large image Circle


Our lenses balance magnification and field of view for optimal visual quality enhancing the viewing experience for professionals.


Lens families

fixed magnification
lens families


Discover our diverse lineup of fixed magnification lenses, including the DIAMOND, SAPPHIRE, ZIRCONIA, SYLVINE and some of the PYRITE series.





Schneider-Kreuznach fixed magnification lenses are essential tools across diverse industrial applications.


Lenses with High Magnification and large Image Circles


Production fixed magnification lenses

Our lenses achieve a balance between magnification power and field of view, ensuring optimal visual quality and comfortable working conditions. Our lenses are designed to maximize the visible area at different magnification levels, making it easy to scan larger surfaces and examine small details. We understand the importance of comfort during extended observation periods, so our lenses have generous field of view to provide a full field of view without strain. This ensures the best viewing experience for professionals.



Choose from Five Exceptional Fixed Magnification Lens Families


Introducing our range of fixed magnification lenses offered in different lens families: SYLVINE, PYRITE, ZIRCONIA, SAPPHIRE and DIAMOND. These precision-engineered lenses are meticulously designed to meet the demanding requirements of professionals in industrial and scientific fields, ensuring superior clarity and precise imaging. 

For those seeking more information or assistance in selecting the perfect fixed magnification lens for their specific needs, our Lens selector provides comprehensive guidance and recommendations based on application, magnification requirements and optical preferences. Explore our range and enhance your imaging capabilities with Schneider-Kreuznach fixed magnification lenses.

Precision and Reliability: The Essential Tools for Industrial Applications


VR goggle for immersive content

Schneider-Kreuznach fixed magnification lenses are versatile tools for a wide range of industrial applications. From manufacturing quality control to electronics inspection, from medical imaging to scientific research, our lenses are the preferred choice of professionals seeking reliability and precision. They are particularly invaluable in applications where consistency and detail are paramount, such as surface inspection, 3D measurement and automated optical inspection (AOI) systems.

Discover how Schneider-Kreuznach fixed magnification lenses can enhance your industrial imaging capabilities. Contact us to explore our products and find the perfect optical solution for your needs.