Xenon LIVE Experience

IBC show Amsterdam #12.E45


IBC Show Highlights


Schneider-Kreuznach is looking forward to seeing you at IBC 2019.


Test the Xenon Full Frame Prime Lenses for yourself and get insights into the fascinating possibilities of optics.

Putting more Impact into your Images

Find out how cine filters can enhance the emotional impact of images by softening fine details, adding a warm glow to higlights and creating other visually sensational effects.

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The Agony of Choice

The two young german filmmakers Daniel and Marco from FRAMED wanted to define a new look for their future projects, which is why they searched for a new set of lenses. Since they have been the proud owner of a RED Monstro for several years, they have set a special attention to full frame lenses. They starts a lens evalution, but unlike many other, does not just test the new modern lenses, but also considers old vintage lenses.
Finally they were especially surprised by the Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon Full Frame Prime Lenses, as they had a relatively nice vintage character and were not that clean compared to other "modern" manufacturers.  




The Xenon Full Frame Prime Lenses in action –
A behind the scenes with cinematographer Alan Stockdale.


Schneider-Kreuznach MOVE series „Freerunner“
Cinematographer: Alan Stockdale

„After Nightfall“ –  Drama web series
Cinematographer: Nicholas Price

„Venga Mundo“ de Georgia – Music video
Cinematographer: Dani Lison

„500 Miles“ Documentary
Cinematographer: Michael Eldredge

„END UNSUNG“ – Sci-Fi web series
Cinematographer: Rolf Lindblom

Manufacturing of the Xenon FF Prime Lenses

„Mavericks for Change“ Commercial
Cinematographer: Cory Johnn

„Hearts" Amber Lawrence - Music video
Cinematographer: Nicholas Price

„Grayson Earth One" Short film
Cinematographer: Hisonni Johnson / Jimmy Bui