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Like no other manufacturer Schneider-Kreuznach understand the exact requirements that optical components for industrial applications have to meet.

We know that precision, quality and reliability form the basis for long-term solutions.

Our service offer also includes the production of optical components for manufacturers of optical systems. As a partner for high-end solutions in image processing, we help system integrators and machine manufacturers to improve their image processing systems.

Even we have a huge range of lenses and filters as standard items, sometimes special requirements are needed. Having development and production in house enables us to serve our customers with the best solution for their most challenging projects. From small adaptions as a fixed iris or special filter size, we also offer complete developments fitting the specifications needed.

Working close together with the customer we design and produce the optics according to exact requirements.

We offer

  • Full service: From planning to development to series production
  • Customized lenses
  • Mechanical and optical adaptions on our standard lenses
  • Customized filters
  • Special coatings for filters or lenses
  • Lenses with integrated filters
  • Filter in special sizes and outlines
  • Mechanics
  • Optical components as cylindrical lenses
  • Pre-cuts

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Precise Pre-cuts with

Micro Water-jet

Micro water-jet cutting is a non-thermal cutting process. It provides the finest cut surfaces that are not affected by heat. With our micro water-jet cutter almost all materials can be cut - from soft rubber to the hardest metals and ceramics. Schneider-Kreuznach produces high-precision water-jet cuts in shapes according to your specifications.

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High precision Cylindrical lenses 

Cylindrical lenses are named after their shape. They are defined by a specific radius on one side and a plane surface on the other. The boundary geometry can be rectangular or circular. The special shape of the surface causes that the image magnification occurs only in one axis. Due to the excellent production standard of Schneider-Kreuznach cylindrical lenses feature extraordinary plain surface that benefits in less straylight. Typical applications are anamorphic imaging and laser line generators. 

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