New Narrow Bandpass Filter: NBP450-40 HT

Its high optical density ensures blocking most wavelengths except those in the 433-466nm range, which it transmits with a Tabs rating of over 90%.

The NBP 450-40 filter can be widely used in a variety of applications including 3D and 2D measurement, food inspection and fluorescence. Its ability to accurately filter out unwanted light and transmit the wavelengths required for specific applications makes it a popular choice for industries such as food and beverage, medical and automotive. This filter is an ideal tool for precise component measurement or inspection of meat products.


NBP 450-40 HT

The NBP 450-40 blue narrow bandpass filter has a peak wavelength of 450 nm,
making it ideal for use with blue lasers and LEDs of the same
wavelength. The main application is the precise measurement of
components or the inspection of meat products.

Key Features of the Narrow Bandpass Filter:
•  Developed for applications for lasers/leds with 450 nm
• Steep slopes
• Average transmission of 95 %
• Strong blocking
• High optical density

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