Close-Up Diopters Series

These high-quality close-up lenses require absolutely no exposure compensation.

The diopters are protected by a unique mounting technique which ensures superb structural integrity and consistent long-term performance, even in demanding production environments. 

Close-Up Diopters

  • Shorten the close-focusing distance of lenses
  • Allows focus closer to the subject
  • Bringing out the sharpest details in tiny subjects

Before and after shots


Without Diopter filter (focus on foreground)

Without Diopter filter (focus on background)

With Split-Field Diopter filter (focus on fore- and background)

Check our Close-Up Diopters series

Split-Field Diopters

Split-Field Diopters allow simultaneous focus on both close-up and faraway subjects. A standard diopter element is precision-cut in half and mounted in the ring.

Frame your subject, focus on the distant background, and move the camera slightly to obtain close focus on the foreground.

Position the slightly out-of-focus line of the cut edge of the glass in an area it won‘t be noticed. Closing the iris will reduce the width of this line.


Close-Up DioptersSplit-Field Diopters
Strength+1/8 (only 138 mm)
+1/4 (only 138 mm)
+3/4 (only 138 mm)
round drop-in series 9, 4.5“, 138 mm and 6“
Sizes+1/8 (only 138 mm)
+1/4 (only 138 mm)
+3/4 (only 138 mm)
round drop-in series 9, 4.5“, 138 mm

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