Color Effect filters

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Color Effect Filters

Our Motion Picture Television Filters can create visually sensational effects, producing brilliant streaks, intense color, magnify minute details, and over-the-top diffusion effects, and more.

Schneider-Kreuznach provides you with following color effect filters: Solid Colors, Graduated Colors, Color Correction


Filters, like all crafted optics, are susceptible not only to breakage, but to premature aging caused by environmental factors. Most filters are made up of several layers of materials consisting of glass, dyes, optical cements, chemical compounds, particles etc. Even with protective measures employed in all Schneider formulations, there are many factors that can still affect the longevity of the filter: moisture (prolonged exposure to humidity), excessive heat and excessive light are the most common environmental causes that can affect the filter’s chemistry over time.

To protect your filters and keep them in great working condition for a long time (along with the rest of your camera gear) we recommend making sure to keep the filters stored in a dark, cool, and dry place when not in use. The use of filter pouches or specialized cases will also keep your filters safe from breakage when not in use. If you are in a humid environment, the addition of fresh silica gel packs or a dehumidifier in the room they are stored is also highly recommended. Protecting your filters as you would your camera lenses will ensure many years of use of your Schneider-Kreuznach filters. Every Schneider-Kreuznach MPTV filter is thoroughly inspected before final packaging to ensure only the highest quality filters going out into the market.

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