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Explore our comprehensive collection of technical information that provides valuable guidance and expertise to drive your projects and initiatives. Whether you're looking for in-depth analysis, practical tutorials, or expert perspectives, our Knowledge Hub is your gateway to unlocking the knowledge you need to succeed. Learn about a wide range of topics related to lenses, optical filters, optical systems and cutting-edge technology. From understanding the intricacies of lens design to delving into the latest advances in optical engineering. Please use the search bar below to find topics and more information.

09.09.2023 | Lenses

Read an optical data sheet

Learn how to interpret critical parameters. By mastering the skill of analyzing lens data sheets, you can confidently assess lenses to ensure they meet your specific requirements.

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08.03.2024 | General

Guide to cleaning and handling optical filters and lenses

Learn the best practices for cleaning and handling optical filters and lenses to ensure their optimal performance and longevity. Expert tips for maintenance included.

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01.03.2024 | Lenses

Renaming - read our new lens names

It is essential for our customers to understand how to effectively read and use lens specifications to make informed decisions in industrial imaging applications.

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09.09.2023 | General

Optical-physical Effects

Explore aspects of how light interacts with different surfaces. We offer insights into the phenomena that occur when light strikes materials, such as fluorescence, reflection, remission, absorption, and polarization. Learn about the importance of light to our perception and imaging.

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